Interview with Bentley Davis — Founder, Reasonscore

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Regarding critical thinking, what are some baseline things young adults should bear in mind?

Bentley Davis: Critical thinking is a superpower that gives you control over some things in the world and peace about the things you can not change. It helps you understand what is really going on. It takes work but it is worth it. Emotions are a critical part of critical thinking. Understanding emotions help you understand people’s motivations.

Jacobsen: How can they use these skills and thought processes/analytic tools to process junk science, non-science, and pseudoscience from real science?

Davis: As you learn about rhetorical devices, language choices you learn when you need to look deeper before accepting the information you encounter. Looking for multiple opinions and evaluating their sources will guide you to the truth and reduce how often you are fooled by people trying to manipulate you (even if they have manipulated themselves).

Jacobsen: How does science and skepticism and fact-checking build into the app at

Davis: Reasonscore is a place to see other people’s research on facts you encounter. You can see all the facts for and against a claim in one spot so you don’t have to search through the whole internet. You can also add any additional facts you find that are missing. You can share it with others so they can quickly get up to speed on a topic.

Jacobsen: How can people get it?

Davis: Go to

Jacobsen: What have been some of the feedback about it?

Davis: I don’t have much feedback yet as it’s pretty new.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Bentley.

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash