Lying for Mohammed

Photo by Ben Klea on Unsplash

Md. Sazzadul Hoque and Scott Douglas Jacobsen

In some American freethinking communities, there is a phrase, “Lying for Jesus.” What does this mean to you? To many, it means pious fraud. It is a purposeful deceit to advance a religion or a religious end.

To some of the Western non-believing communities, with humour, the phrase, “Lying for Jesus,” labels the phenomenon of some self-identified Christians lying for the advancement of a religious cause.

In some Islamic nations or Muslim subcultures, some Muslims will conduct themselves in a similar manner. Where sometimes, in the more extreme examples, the threats of physical violence and murder become realities. The intent is to shut down critical examination or ridicule of religious ideas or iconography.

Some ex-Muslims experience bullying, ostracization, job loss, income loss, educational delays, blasphemy charges, imprisonment, torture, death threats, and executions by law or murder via the public.

This is a big problem for open, critically-minded, and vocal bloggers, writers, and public figures who are ex-Muslims. For some of these Islamic nations and some of the Muslim subcultures, the benefit is shutting down political enemies.

Those enemies seen as believers in other religions or the non-religious. With the advent of electronic media, the anonymity provides some protection or cover for vocal ex-Muslims. However, some Individual Muslims will portray themselves falsely.

The purpose is clear. It is to find out the identity and location of the ex-believers. To find them in order to commit acts of retribution for leaving the faith, this is a serious problem, e.g., Md. Sazzadul Hoque at the moment.

It has been the main issue with the murder of the Bangladeshi bloggers for several years as well.

Photo by Ben Klea on Unsplash