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Pro-Humans. Pro-Humaneness. Personal development, life lessons, tips for effective and principled life. Humanist spirituality.
Note from the editor

Humanist Way expresses my passion for Personal Development, Life Lessons, Living Effectively, Healthy Living, Natural Environment, Tolerance, Ethics and Humanist Spirituality. As a Life Coach I help people find meaning, success and happiness. Interested? Reach out! (http://www.sturmenrich.com/professional-life-coaching-by-chat-or-phone/) As a Humanist Reverend I’m building (once, again!) Humanist Church (http://www.humanistchurch.us/), a supportive community of shared values. Mine is a church WITHOUT God: pro-people, pro-Earth, pro-ethics; a Church built on values, NOT beliefs. My calling is helping people live their best lives. I hope that Humanist Way will contribute to the same goal.

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