IIHA Launches New Online Graduate-Level Humanitarian Training Programs

Anthony Land, PhD, will teach many of the upcoming online humanitarian training courses offered by the IIHA.

New York — This October, the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University will begin to offer the first of many of its graduate-level humanitarian training courses online.

An online repertoire of humanitarian training courses will allow people around the world opportunities to take part in courses remotely and provide a clear curriculum path to our current graduate students.

Forced Migration and Humanitarian Logistics will be the first two courses offered online this October.

In the following months, the IIHA will begin to offer most of its other Master of Arts in International Humanitarian Action (MIHA) courses online. Not exclusive to MIHA students, these courses are open to anyone interested in learning more about the theoretical perspective and practical realities of humanitarian response.

“For more than 20 years we’ve trained humanitarian workers to lead and transform international humanitarian response. We are pleased to finally expand these educational opportunities to anyone in the world through an online model of learning.
We hope we’ll be able to reach a more diverse cohort of students and accommodate some of the challenging realities our students face while pursuing a graduate education and simultaneously working in the humanitarian field,” said Brendan Cahill, IIHA Executive Director.

The IIHA online courses will replace the majority of required and elective MIHA courses customarily offered in rotating locations around the world. The International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance, Education in Emergencies, Mental Health in Complex Emergencies, Strategic Issues, and Disaster Management courses will remain on location.

In line with the objectives of all MIHA coursework, these online courses aim to bring real life humanitarian challenges to an online community of students based in locations around the world. Students will receive the virtual guidance of experienced humanitarian practitioners, many of whom have been long-time lecturers for the IIHA.

In 2018, the following courses will be online:

  • October 15 to November 23: Forced Migration (HUAF 5020) taught by Dr. Anthony Land (fulfills the course requirements for the IDOHA and IDMHA modules)
  • October 22 to November 30: Humanitarian Logistics (HUAF 5030) taught by Professor Larry Hollingworth (fulfills the course requirements for the IDOHA module of the MIHA)

Forced Migration students will engage with academic material about the history of humanitarian responses to displacement, drivers of migration, and durable solutions, among other topics. They will also learn from case studies depicting situations of displacement around the world, ranging from post-Hurricane Katrina to refugee camps in Greece to protracted displacement of Palestinians.

Students enrolled in the Humanitarian Logistics course will be exposed to methodology and best practices for the efficient delivery of humanitarian supplies and assistance to populations in need as well as an in-depth understanding of humanitarian supply chains.

These courses are the first of many IIHA graduate level humanitarian training courses to be offered online throughout the coming academic year, and in the future.

MIHA students can register at my.fordham.edu.
Non-MIHA students can apply by following the instructions “to apply to an IIHA short course or professional training” on the Fordham application portal.
For any inquiries, please contact IIHA International Programs Offer, Ellen Bratina, at miha@fordham.edu.