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Birthplace of homophobic laws.

England created the plague of homophobic laws.

History of laws against Human sexuality:

Though there are some theories about persecution of people involved in homosexual acts in some religious communities of Europe, they were limited to small communities. But there was no law criminalizing homosexuality nationwide until 15th century.

Early 16th century, England was the first nation ever in the world to identify homosexual acts as criminal offense and enforced “death by hanging” as punishment. (Ref. Buggery Act). British invented homophobic laws, then exported homophobia and hatred all across the world through invasion, colonization and religion.

4 centuries later, Nazis adopted homophobia from British.

Homophobia is just another crown jewel of England along with Racism, Slave trade, Brutal colonialism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, etc.

It is well-known that colonialism and genocide of 100’s of millions human beings around the world are crown jewels of british royals.

England is the birthplace of homophobic laws that has spread like plague for many centuries with humanitarian crisis in many parts of the world till today.

Homophobia is a Phobia (fear of death):

With death as punishment under England law. People adopted homophobia and acted violent against homosexuals for the fear of death, so they are not the target of homophobic laws.

Probably, survival tactics or just the fear of ending up on the wrong side of law. Thus homophobia and homophobic acts has become mainstream over centuries. It all started in England.

Homophobia is a phobia as fear of persecution by the law enforcement just for associating with homosexuals or resembling like one.

England started this with ‘Buggery Act’ and anyone caught was punished with “death by hanging”. This was exported to all of the world with colonization and religious missionaries.

Despite changes in law, homophobia continues into 21st century. This is unfortunate and sad!

Religious Holy Book:

“The Bible” was rewritten according to the Royals of England. King James version in 17th century is popular. Yet it is just another version but not the truth.

Religious books were modified and re-written at the behest of Royals.

Often religious organizations and missionaries appease the royals by carrying out their agenda with religious twists by misquoting verses from holy books. Thus, the religious adoption of homophobia in later centuries.

Religions, Nations, Cultures before England’s homophobic laws:

Note: As of 15th century, Europe’s population was less than 1/5th of world’s population and the reach of Christianity was much less. More than 80% of world population were not aware of Homophobia at this time. Before colonization, most of Humanity embraced Human sexuality which is all inclusive.

Early Christianity openly embraced homosexuality as integral part of human sexuality which is clearly evident from the scriptures and sculptures of Romans and Greeks. Also, early Christians adopted “New Testament” as their Bible and many considered old books including Leviticus as anti-Christ, as the religious laws under old books lead to the crucification of Jesus Christ.

Islam did not embrace homophobia until 18th century when their kingdoms were invaded by British which imposed their homophobic laws on Islamic nations, only then Islam adopted homophobia. Hamams (bathhouses) and many Islamic literature/ poems embracing homosexuality was there until 18th century including some from Ottoman empire.

Until British invaded parts of Asia and Africa, homophobia was nonexistent in those nations. Human sexuality was the only sexuality that was embraced all across the world including Asia and Africa. Until few centuries ago, Homosexuality was integral part of their cultures and referred as one “Human Sexuality”.

Asia’s ‘Kama Sutra’ depicts promiscuity and all forms of sexuality including homosexuality.

Thailand was one of the few nations that was not colonized by British which continues to embrace homosexuality, trans-gender as part of their culture and heritage with no homophobic laws.

Homosexuality is integral part of Human Sexuality.

Many well documented scriptures of rich African cultural heritages depict homosexuality as integral part of humanity. Many tribal communities that were not impacted by European invaders still practice ancient cultural traditions that includes homosexuality.

Americas: Native Americans have embraced all forms of sexuality in their cultural traditions which is still practiced in some communities, they refer to it as ‘two spirit’. After British/ Spanish colonized Americas, they imposed homophobia in Americas.

Other European nations followed the suit of criminalizing homosexuality in their nations and their colonies. Christian missionaries and other religious organizations across the world adopted and enforced the laws against homophobia, this lead to the current humanitarian crisis.

It is evil to criminalize love and promote hatred against the natural acts of human beings.


243 years ago Americans fought off British to become independent nation. During this war, many sacrificed their lives to gain independence for America. Yet America retained legacy racism, homophobia for so long and still long way to go for equality for all. This is unfortunate.

And the visit of US president Trump to England (birthplace of homophobia) during the pride month, June 2019. Again in June 2021, US President Biden visited England. Untimely visit and unfortunate.

Fun Fact:

Gay lions of Kenya creating controversy and many discussing Gay conversion therapy for lions.

Homosexuality is integral part of animal sexuality too and is proven to exist in most animals with evidence.

Fact: Kenya was under British Barbarism (colony) until 1963. Kenya’s constitution and homophobic laws were inherited from British. Same is true for most of Africa and S. Asia.

It took Britain 450 years to decriminalize homosexuality and reform their homophobic laws but many nations in Asia/ Africa are still holding onto colonial era homophobic laws imposed by British.

Wishful Thinking?: Imagine British decriminalized homophobia in all the colonial regions too, when they realized it was a wrongdoing and did reparations. World would be a better place.

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