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Feminism — Anita Bryant & Homophobia

Feminism: Don’t Say Gay! #FeminismisEvil

Anita Bryant, a devout feminist who started the anti-gay movement in the 1970’s USA (Post WWII). Due to the crimes by Nazis, there was more tolerance and open-mindedness in the society after WWII. At this time, Homophobic laws existed in books but were not widely enforced.

Until 1970's, there were many local and state laws across USA protecting human rights of LGBTQ+, making discrimination based on sexuality “Illegal”. (Even in Florida)

Homophobia in USA:

Feminists took homophobia mainstream. Feminism united most population under women’s rights movement. Feminists started with the denial of human rights for gays and lesbians in Dade County in 1977 by repealing the anti-discrimination laws.

Feminists fought to legalize discrimination against LGBT and other marginalized people. This is real feminism in action. Feminism is Evil.

In the following decades, feminists led a wave of protests to deny human rights for LGBTQ+ people and other marginalized people across the USA. They repealed many laws and ordinances across the nation to legalize discrimination against marginalized people and promoted violence against them.

Right-Wing and Feminism:

Right-Wing Christians took inspiration from Feminism to adopt Homophobia.

Feminism united women across religious barriers to lobby for anti-gay laws. Feminists glorified stonewall riots and promoted more of it under the false banner of “Save our children”.

We do need to save our children from the toxicity of feminism.

New anti-gays laws are being passed till date. Thanks to Feminism!

Legend of Feminism:

Anita Bryant still continues her influence as a legend of feminism. Anti-gay feminism continues till date and is being spread all across the world. Feminists are lobbying local governments to criminalize homosexuality and oppress the marginalized under the false pretense of women’s rights.

Feminists do not care about human rights or women’s rights, they just want more power and rights to the privileged few to exploit the weak and vulnerable.


Early feminism and women suffrage is widely celebrated in the United States. But they were just extending “White (KKK) Privileges” to white women and they served as proxy for White Supremacy. #WhiteTerrorism

US Feminism is proxy for KKK/ White Supremacy.

Now Transphobia:

In 1970’s it was “Homophobia”, in 2020, it is “Transphobia”. And historically, feminists proxy extremists incl. White Supremacy (domestic terrorism) in USA.

Here is another revered feminist, Germaine Greer on Transgender.

1970 or 2020: Feminism is Evil and Feminists are Vile.


Not denouncing feminism is a display of homophobic bigotry, anti-women.

Feminism is as tainted as racism, Naziism, extremism, etc. Feminism promotes oppression and violation of human rights. Feminism is all about a few privileged get all they want and the rest are oppressed.

Feminists shield and defend criminal evils including female terrorists, sex offenders, criminal evils etc under the false pretense of women victim-hood.

Feminists: Fraudsters/ Sex predators

Elizabeth Holmes and Ghislaine Maxwell were prominent feminists. Now we know who they are.

Every good woman must denounce feminism and join good humans to fight for equal human rights for all regardless of gender, color, race or sexuality.

Let us ensure human rights are available to all humans incl. men and minorities.

Feminism: Ruining human lives with “lies”, since its inception.

Know the difference!

“Rosa Parks” is a great human who fought for Equality and Human Rights regardless of one’s gender. Certainly, NOT a feminist.

On the other hand, Anita Bryant is a devout feminist proving that feminism is toxic evil. Feminism spreads hate against minorities and underprivileged humans. Feminists are hate spewing vile beings.

Evil Feminists:

Also, google search “Margaret Sanger” too. Till date, Feminists and Feminist groups serve Neo-Nazis, KKKs, Global terrorists, Sex offenders, Wealthy criminal evils, and other vile beings.

Feminist = Female Terrorist:

In the west, feminists proxy KKK. Half-way around the world, feminism is deep rooted with notorious terrorist groups of the world. Check the below link for details.

Don’t fall prey for false propaganda about feminism. Know the truth! Denounce Feminism and stay away from feminists.

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Peace, Joy, and prosperity for all!



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