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Forever Hitler Vs Forgotten Gandhi

Why is it so hard to choose Peace over Hate?

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Am perplexed with so many mentions of Adolf Hitler and Nazi in blog posts, comments and responses. But hardly any reference to Mahatma Gandhi.

Knowledge and Paradox:

Our knowledge is so vast about Adolf Hitler that anyone can say 1000 things about Hitler, historical events of Nazis and world war (Fight with violence) as if they lived in 1940’s Germany. But most hardly know 10 facts about Mahatma Gandhi or historical event of Satyagraha (Fight with Peace).

So many references about Hitler’s speech or “Mein Kampf” in our blogs but little or no reference to MLK’s “I have a dream” speech or Gandhi’s Ahimsa (Non-violence and compassion). Why refer to violence when looking for peace?

Are we so obsessed with evil than good?

We need to be aware of our human past, not just evil past. We as human species are living proof that we got more goodness in the past than we know of. Why refer to evils when looking for goodness?

How about 10:1 challenge to readers? For every 10 reference of Hitler and Nazi you read or refer, learn one new fact or make one reference about Human heroes such as Gandhi, MLK, Mandela, Rosa Parks or Mother Teresa and their greatness. This will help us quote them in future blog posts and responses.


Even when it comes to Nazism, we are so picky. Same anti-Nazi moderate people who claim to fight against antisemitism would also fight against marriage equality when the fact is that the Nazis were as homophobic as they were antisemitic. Is it not hypocrisy? Similarly many who support pro-life to save unborn lives, also oppose gun control intended to save real human lives.

Question yourself from hypocrisy perspective when taking a public stand on a political or human rights issue.


On the topics of feminism or women’s rights. Underlying actual problems are forgotten and it has become more about man-bashing hate with provocations for gender warfare.

Women brag about abusing and oppressing other men as feminist. Women destroying lives of many innocent men with false accusations as expression of girl power. Sexual predators, pedophiles are tagging #metoo with sensational stories for public sympathy/ fame.

Feminism without humanity is nothing but evil.

Basic human values and humanity should be the foundation of any human rights issue including women’s rights or feminism.

There are plenty of good examples in our history how women stood for their rights also serving humanity. Though “Wonder woman” is fictional superhero, but there are real heroes such as “Rosa Parks” and “Mother Teresa” with their own greatness. They are the real role models.

Evil vs Good:

There will be always someone who would find a needle in haystack and highlight the needle as everything. Evil minded cannot tolerate that there are better humans among them so they denigrate others for no valid reasons just to make them look good in perception. We just need to look past them.

As a matter of fact, evils are still in minority else humanity would have been extinct already. But there are evils in every community, nation, race and gender. So just ignore them if possible, also check the below link. Let us lead by example of being good.

Thanks for reading!

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Peace, Joy, and prosperity for all!



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