Mind Your Business! Stand up for Human Rights!

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2 min readJun 25, 2021


N.O.Y.B. — None Of Your Business.

One’s personal lifestyle or sexuality or their habits or what they do for living or why they behave certain way is NOYB. It is their life.

It does not matter how long you have known them or your relationship/ friendship with them, you are “NOT” entitled to someone’s private life.

** Privacy is basic human right. Respect that! **


Your sex/sexuality/ sexual orientation is your life and is none of anyone’s business. It is okay if you need to explore, in order to find the right one for yourself.

Life is adventurous, you have all your life to explore. Don’t let anyone else to decide your life. Not even your family or bf/gf.

Question yourself:

When you have the urge to react adversely or have negative feelings, just ask yourself with these questions. Is there any direct harm to you? and/or does it violate basic human rights of fellow humans?. If the answer is ‘NO’, then question your own feelings and where from it originates. You may be able to address it yourself or seek help if needed.


Human Rights:

At the same time, when there is direct harm and violation of “Basic Human Rights” to anyone, raise your voice to protect their human rights. Do it, even if they are strangers or people of different race/ethnicity.

** “STAND UP” for human rights for all of humanity. **

Every person deserves basic human rights regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality, etc.


Often people react with strong animosity for events in someone’s private life/ irrelevant incidents. Such reactions ruins their life forever. This is much worsened by social media. But the same people would maintain their silence when there is “egregious” human rights violations right in front of them.

This is unfortunate truth and sad reality. This needs to “CHANGE”.





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