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Know the difference!

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2 min readNov 26, 2021


“Know the difference!”

Not Truth:

Interpretations, Inferences, Assumptions, Speculations, Opinions, Hearsay, theories, “Politics”, Social Media, Gossips, Blogs, AV Media such as TV/ pod-casts. These are not the truth, just another perspective. They may even present some sort of proof/ evidence to back up their opinions, it is still an opinion.

It can be positive or negative and also it may align with your thoughts or totally against it. Still it is not the truth.

Same with opinion polls and expert opinions, they are just opinions and perspectives but not the truth. Don’t fight over it!

Often people assume “opinions, perspectives and perceptions” as “the truth and reality”. Don’t be one of them. “”Know the Difference!””.

Evil people use ‘deception and manipulation’ to make people believe their false propaganda with seemingly credible ‘opinions and perspectives’ as ‘truth and reality’. Thus causing much harm to humanity with divisiveness. There are many examples to cite here incl. Mussolini and Nazis who misled their people with false propaganda.

Beware and Be Aware!

Then “What is Truth?”

Truth is elusive, if anything requires adverse action/ reaction from you, then do your own unbiased investigation before doing so, else you might be hurting innocents and benefitting evil perpetrators.

If you don’t have time to investigate and have to go with what you knew, then you can always choose compassionate response with no harm to anyone.

Spread Love, Joy and Peace!

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