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Truth Vs Perception (Part 1)

Social Issues: There is NO Truth, There are only Perceptions.

The truth is singular and there are no versions of it, those versions are perceptions. The truth does not exist for public matters or social issues. When it comes to social, communal, and political issues there are only perceptions.

One person’s truth is another person’s lie.

Racism is a social issue. For example in the Western Nations, for an average person of color, racism is rampant and systemic. Whereas for a privileged Caucasian from the same place, racism is non-existent and a lie. It all depends on the perspectives and who says what.

Another generic example would be on the issue of “the shape of the Earth”. There are still many who believe our planet earth is “Flat”. Even if they were put on lie detector, the machine would record that the statement “Earth is Flat” is a True statement.

Lie detectors are designed to detect the guilty conscious but not those who believe in their own lies. Machines and technology too have limitations.

There can be various reasons for extreme contradictions on our beliefs ranging from false science, religious preaching, education, ignorance, etc.

Even science is not immune for contradictions.

Few decades ago, tobacco and smoking cigarettes were advocated by Doctors and scientifically proven for better health. Now, the science says cigarettes are detrimental to health and Doctors advice us to say NO to tobacco products.

Media Influence:

When we see a news clip on TV or watch some acts by someone, we do make judgments about those actions, but they are not the truth. They are just perceptions and interpretations from those audio-visuals.

One may assert that they got the truth as they got the news from reliable mainstream media, yet they are all perceptions and not the truth. Often they are propaganda by self-interest groups with their own agenda. Unfortunately, many do get enraged by news in media or some sensational stories in social media and resort to violence.

For example, in USA, one whose news source is FOX or Bretibart may have complete different version of same social/ political events when compared to the one who watches NBC or CNN. Both may assert that they are right as they got the news from reliable mainstream media, yet they are all perceptions and not the truth.

Opinions and Perceptions:

Most often what we hear and what we see are just opinions and perceptions.

Even beautiful rainbows 🌈are optical illusion and seems to exist at a certain distance from the observer but does not exist in reality.

As in the picture one person sees 3 and the other sees 4, they are just perceptions made up from their viewpoint and angle of vision just like the rainbows.

MSG Scare and Xenophobia

Have you ever had MSG scare? You are not alone.

Whatever you heard or know about MSG being bad are just opinions and perceptions with no Truth in it. It is just flawed science and Xenophobia.

Your opinions are your opinions,
Your perceptions are your perceptions.
Do NOT confuse them with ‘Facts’ or ‘Truth’.

Decades of scientific research has proved them as false and established that there are no harmful side effects of MSG in food. Go ahead and happily Slurp those noodles. 🍜😋

It is okay to discuss about contradicting perceptions, even debate on the issue as long it is civilized and gracious with no violence and no violation of human rights.

On any Social issues, “There is NO Truth, There is only Perception.”

If you are not directly affected by any issue, then deal it gracefully with the benefit of doubt. Even when it requires an action from us, let it be positive, supportive and harmless regardless of what we believe or perceive about the issue.

Perception is what we believe, Reality is what we experience.

Always ask these questions before any decision of action

Is it True? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

As a third person related to any issue, one can make a choice to help the perceived victim with compassion instead of attacking the perceived perpetrator.

Choose compassionate empathy instead of radical empathy.

Also, when the perceived victim calls for justice with violence or aggression against the portrayed perpetrator, take a step back and look for signs of manipulation and any hidden evil agenda.

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Peace, Joy, and prosperity for all!




Live and Let Live! Peace, Joy and Prosperity for all!

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