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Divide and Conquer India

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India — Bharat — Hindustan:

Until the 17th century, India was a vast nation with more than 25% of the world’s GDP and more than 25% of the world’s population. Europeans were racing to reach India and loot their wealth and gold.

Below was the map of India before colonization. Today “Old India” is referred to as the “Indian Sub-Continent” which comprises more than a dozen nations of South Asia. From Afghanistan in the west to Indonesia in the east.


Loot, plunder, and genocide of humanity by barbaric savages of Europe were referred to as ‘Colonialism’.

There was widespread propaganda of misinformation by colonizers to divide and conquer India. They divided the people on the lines of religion and instigated riots. But that did not work out in some parts of India, then the colonizers created race myths to divide Indians on the lines of geography and skin color.

Aryan theory and Dravidian theories were manufactured by colonizers to polarize Indians based on geography and skin color.

Aryan Myths and Facts are discussed in the below article.

In the south, Aryan theory was used as propaganda that south Indians are aboriginals and North Indians are invaders from the west. British created armed forces with ‘Madras regiment’ and they were brainwashed to believe that Aryans (North Indians) are their enemies. They were sent to the north to fight off the opponents of colonization.

In the north, the propaganda was that Dravidians were dark-skinned and from Africa, so they are not actual Indians. Thus creating animosity and hatred for South Indians. “Punjab regiment” was sent to the South to fight off freedom fighters.


This Sanskrit term refers to humans of Southern India.


The southern part of India is closer to the Equator and mostly sea level, thus the humans of this region have darker skin tone compared to Indians in the north who are close to the Himalayas and farther from the Equator.

The word “Dravida” originated from Sanskrit, referring to the geography of people (southerners). It has nothing to do with skin color or immigrants from Africa. This word was twisted by colonizers to divide and conquer the vast nation, and they succeeded in controlling most of India until 1947.


Even in the 21st century, colonial-era myths continue. it is believed that Dravidians are of different race/ ethnicity from aboriginal Indians and they originated from East Africa. This is utterly false.

Aryan myth is that North Indians came from Europe (Germania). This is proven false, yet it is still prevalent.

Aryans and Dravidians are one and the same.

They are indigenous people of India. Their skin color and physical attributes differ based on their geography and distance from the Equator.

Science about Melanin (skin color):

It is true that all of humanity originated from Africa.

Facts: All humans are from Africa! Humanity evolved in Africa. During the Pangea period, Africa was connected by land to all other continents, tectonic plate movement led to the separation later.

North/South Divide and Conquer:

The geographical divide with manipulation to create infighting among the indigenous population was widely used by colonizers.

Manipulation by false propaganda and lies worked in favor of colonizers.

British applied the same policy to control many nations including their neighbor “Ireland”, they are still divided on geographical lines. Same in Africa and Asia too. Nigeria and India are highly populated nations with great influence in the world but they do succumb to national unrest with this geographical divide. Even in the mighty USA, confederacy (Southerners) was created by the same division and with the support of colonizers. British savages continue their influence with the same tactics.

Humanity needs to wake up and realize this manipulation.

Race/ Ethnicity Classifications:

Unfortunately, the western nations adopted the colonial era classification of race/ethnicity based on skin color. Even in gene/DNA classification, Ethiopians/ East Africans are bundled together with Indians in the south as “Dravidians”.

South India and Ethiopia/ East Africa are on the same latitude; thus humans of both regions share many attributes.


European DNA classifications are based on their nationality and ethnicity which is appropriate, but the same is not being applied to people of Asia.

Colonial-era race classification of Indians based on skin color and Aryan myth needs to be corrected.

Will the west ever embrace humanity? Only time will tell. Let us be hopeful.

Unlearn the myths and learn the facts.

Spread Love, Joy, and Peace!

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