You are always responsible for your actions

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Misinformation is not an excuse. Regardless of the “source” of information” (TV/ News/ Social Media) or its credibility, you are responsible for your actions.

You are always responsible for your actions.

Most often people react adversely to hearsay or from TV/ Social Media, with attacks on perceived perpetrators. Such actions cause irreversible damage to fellow humans.

Right to harm:

You have the right to do self-harm, it is your body and it is your right. But no one has the right to harm another fellow human. If your direct actions caused harm to fellow human, then you are responsible for it.

Every human deserves “basic human rights” regardless of what you feel about them. Violation of basic human rights is a crime.

Every person has the right to have “opinions” but they don’t have the right to hurt another person based on opinions. Such actions may cause irreversible damages to someone’s life.

Toxic people mastered the art of playing victim.

Evil people are good manipulators, they mastered the art of playing victims. They present their evil agenda by twisting the situation or words favoring them.

Toxic people play victims, while portraying their victims as perpetrators.

Often people fall prey for such propaganda and attack the innocent victims causing further damage to their lives, while nourishing the lives of toxic people.

Remember, “Nothing is as it seems to be.” Evil agendas are often presented as social justice or portrayed as “doing the right thing” with savior complex. Beware of manipulations and false propaganda.

“Worst kind” of Toxic Evil:

They seek revenge by playing victim in someone else’s story. They neither witnessed or present there in that particular event, but they choose to play victim and use it to justify their evil acts against perceived perpetrators. These are the worst kind of toxic evils. They further recruit others to puppet their evil agenda.

“Be Aware and Beware.”

Misinformation is not an excuse.

It is your responsibility to seek the truth and act accordingly. Always seek the truth with thorough and unbiased investigation of your own, before any adverse action.

It does not matter that if you were misled or misinformed or manipulated, still it was your decision to react in such manner.

It is understandable that you cannot seek truth in every news or hearsay. In such cases, ensure your reactions are compassionate and optimistic with no harm to fellow humans including the perceived perpetrators.

When there is no direct harm to you or threat to your life, one can always choose peace over adverse reaction.

Take responsibility for your actions!

It is okay if you did wrong to someone unintentionally. “To err is human” but it is humane to acknowledge the wrongs and do necessary reparations.

Most often, people find excuses or find someone/ something to blame, this might seem okay as many other people do it. But this will only cause more animosity and you will still feel guilty that would cost your happiness.

Whereas by taking responsibility and doing reparations, you are doing the right thing with closure for your deeds. This may be difficult but will bring happiness and ensure to maintain your inner peace. So, do the right thing.

Inner Peace and Happiness are key to good life.

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