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Biblical meaning of Sodomy

In today’s English biblical meaning of sodomy would translate into “Backstabbing or conniving or betrayal”.

And act of abomination would translate into violation of human rights or any disrespect to fellow human based on their gender, race, color, sexuality, ethnicity, education or wealth etc. This infers that Racism, Sexism, rape, misogyny, apartheid, homophobia, xenophobia, antisemitism etc. constitutes acts of abomination.

Reference of sodomy in religious books:

Let us revisit the history with holy interpretations, humanity, and goodness in context. Sodomy has no gender references in the original version and it was initially referred to attack or assault from behind of another person referring to Backstabbing or Betrayal for one’s personal benefits.

Over the centuries, some pervert interpreted this as ‘anal sex’ and further translated that to many world languages.

In all reality, neither Jesus Christ nor his disciples never intended to document sexual positions and sexual acts of two humans that happen in their private space.

Holy saints would never put such things in holy book that was specifically meant for humanity and human values.

Bible and other holy scriptures was never about sexuality or sex life, it is a message to humanity for better life and prosperity for all.

True Meaning of Sodomy and Abomination:

The real message here is that we humans must confront our problems face to face, and it must be a level playing field for any conflicts; so that weak are not taken advantage of, and all of humanity thrives in harmony.

Also, it meant not to do backstabbing/guerrilla attacks and not to conspire against someone as such acts are cowardly where other person is not given a chance to defend themselves. And this does constitute as act of abomination.

Abomination = Heart that devises wicked schemes

So as per Holy books, devising wicked schemes to deny equality to people of color or immigrants or LGBT does constitute acts of abomination.

Lost in Translation:

Analogy/ Comparison with 21st-century English language:

When someone says “they got fucked”, most often it actually refers to the experience of backstabbing by someone trusted/ betrayal or conspiracy or taken advantage of his life by someone violating basic human values. And this does NOT translate or interpret into penetration sex. Same with “fucked up” referring to the situation that is chaotic or messy and NOT penetration sex.

And it is possible when a bilingual interpreter or translator with little or no knowledge of actual context/ situation of the person involved and not aware of other contextual meanings for those words might translate them literally as penetration sex in another language.

Hypothetically, let us assume that language has to become world language in the future as it is with English today, then everyone would be reading that translation with misinterpretations and they may not be aware of original context or meaning.

Do note most holy books were not written in English they were originally in Hebrew, Sanskrit, Latin etc. And these languages are dead now.

So all holy scriptures had undergone multiple translations in many languages over and over with many interpretations in the past. Actual message was lost in translation.

Even English as a language has been evolving for centuries with many new words added and the meaning of old words keep changing. In today's English, the word ‘Nipple’ refers to body part; whereas century ago the same word referred to mountain peak such as Mary’s Nipple. (Reference: Skiing on Mary’s nipple)

Followers of Jesus and People of Bible:

Any and all violation of Human Rights including eavesdropping, privacy intrusion, sexual assault, etc. without explicit consent or approval of the other person do constitute sodomy. Corporate executives or Public servants violating Human Rights of their fellow employees or citizens for their entertainment or for career growth also constitutes acts of abomination.

Bible followers believe that Hell awaits for those commit Sodomy and acts of abomination. With the knowledge of true meaning Hell awaits their arrival too!

Biblical messages were intended to reflect upon Jesus Christ’s desire to improve humanity with better Human values, respect for fellow humans and their rights.

And the message is same across all religions and Holy books.

Bible does say “Love thy neighbor” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Most societal issues would not exist if everyone followed just one or more of their religious values in its true sense.

Humanity and Human Values are the foundation principles of Christianity or any major religion.

Sodom and Gomorrah:

In reference to historical scriptures, these cities were destroyed by God for their wickedness. There is mention about the people being deceitful, apathetic, vengeful and other sins hurting humanity.

Humanity cannot sustain with loss of human values and violation of fellow humans.

So there was a mention of wickedness and hence destruction. Not a mention of penetration sex, yet somehow the English version and other recent translations of this story made it all about sexuality. Ask yourself, Why and How?

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Peace, Joy, and prosperity for all!



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