Strykers — Sadistic “Vile Beings”.

Ronda Stryker — Evil sex predator

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This is a true story in Corporate America and these heinous crimes against humanity continue unabated to date.

True Story! Real-life events!

Stryker Management and Ronda Stryker are “The Evil” and sadistic ‘vile’ sex predators with no regard for human lives.

Original post on LinkedIn:

Strykers’ are much worse than Epstein.

Sex predators, Barbaric filthy evils, Twisted psychopaths, racist Nazis, and vile beings in Stryker Corporate management and Board.

Protect your children from “Strykers”.

Ronda and Stryker management team are obsessed with toilet cam/ spy cam porn streamed Live from the employee’s private residence.

Inhuman Barbarism beyond imagination.

Assault of the employee while unconscious and Live streaming of the assault for the sadistic pleasure of corporate executives

Sadistic torture is much worse by poisoning and inflicting illnesses; then watch their physical suffering on a live feed. They continuously repeated this for many years.

Gross violation of basic human rights!

Numerous murder attempts (Lynching) at the behest of Ronda Stryker and other Corporate Nazis. Extensive legal abuse involving Government agencies to perpetrate egregious human rights violations and heinous crimes for their sadist pleasures.

Strykers — Bloody EVIL

“Staying alive” is a daily concern. For the victims, too many near-death moments to count upon.

STOP Lynching!

New low for Humanity and all for the Sadistic pleasure of Strykers.

Strykers! It runs in the family:

Here is the news story about Ronda’s son Michael. Stryker family is obsessed with spycam porn of employees. While Michael was charged for his crimes, Ronda and Stryker management continue unspeakable heinous crimes against humanity.

Employees are NOT sex toys for executives!

Check these previous posts for the details of inhuman barbarism in Corporate America.

Strykers worse than Nazis:

In Nazi camps, the process was much quicker to death. Whereas these sadistic evils of Corporate America have been perpetrating this barbarism for many years now.

They perpetrated unimaginable amounts of torture and barbaric acts for their sadistic pleasures. Even drinking water was poisoned.

No words can describe the tantamount of suffering.

This continues till date (2022) (Edit: year updated to 2022)

Despite the covid-19 pandemic and global crisis, they continue their crimes of torture and poisoning for their sadistic pleasures.

STOP Poisoning! STOP Torture!

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