We are starting a team on Virtual Reality for Social Good

VRHumanity is looking for a new team members! Currently, we focus on developing educational virtual reality platform for humanitarian areas. Previously, we presented our preliminary work at a regional conference and demonstrated the use of virtual reality technology in teaching modern race issues and how to engage in intercultural empathic communication. The context is going to be a simulation of the actual events, for example #BlackLivesMatter protest as reported and posted online. The target audience of this platform is anyone who is interested in utilizing VR in teaching and learning, tech enthusiasts, creative educators, and the public.

What we’re looking for an engineering intern with:

  • Understanding and experience with virtual reality technology.
  • C# or Java Programming experience
  • Familiar with Unity VR development
  • Strong 3D math skills
  • Ability to work efficiently both solo and as part of a team; willingness to learn new things.
  • Ability to meet the grants deadlines
  • Appreciation of humanity

If you are interested in the position please apply though : https://goo.gl/forms/4vG4AMx2cleAueDy2