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Humankind NYC is a passion project and social impact group of creatives. We partner and build bold campaigns with forward thinking organizations. (contact: Andy@humankindnyc.com)

Andy Ren Tran / Operations
Current principal at Humankind NYC. Former co-founder & senior marketing officer at Places.me.

Serial entrepreneur and led successful creative governance over past organizations.

Andy Ren Tran — Linkedin

Tony Hua / Media relations
Current designer at Everlane. Former design director at Public School NYC.

New York Fashion week designer & led the first US company to win the International Woolmark competition.

Tony Hua — Linkedin

Mike Baker / Advisor 
Program Manager Reading Partners & Boys / Girls Club

Managed senior and operational level stakeholder relationships at 6 partner-program sites, serving over 365 students, and 520 community volunteers.

Mike Baker — Linkedin

Click to watch performance: https://youtu.be/deGyPh8Y10o?t=15s

Mike and Andy collaborated with nationally known band, Geographer, to perform and promote literacy at a Title 1 elementary school. Together, we built a narrative around the importance of literacy and it’s impact on Mike Deni’s music career with a Q&A session.

Aissatou Sene + Humankind NYC + United Nations

Tony Hua of Humankind NYC mentored Aissatou Sene from West Africa in Fashion and Sustainable Design as part of a United Nations collaboration in Manhattan’s fashion district.

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