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Humanpad As A Launchpad Vs BSCPAD? $HUMAN Vs $BSCPAD? How Humanpad Compliments BSCPAD?

In this livestream and cryptoulog, we will be looking at an upcoming cryptocurrency project ‘Humanpad’ (an IHO launchpad) and its native coin called ‘$HUMAN’, in relation to an existing cryptocurrency project ‘BSCPAD’ and its native coin ‘$BSCPAD’.

What can we learn?

About Humanpad

HUMANPAD: A human-centric, $HUMAN-powered IHO launchpad for all humans.
$HUMAN: The Native Token Of Humanpad. $HUMAN is humanly-engineered to go up; till each human holds it!

Visit ‘’.

We invite you, each human, to participate in our evolution. We would like you to contribute your very human to our development. Altogether, you will have played a role in historical history, having aided many in building their projects.

Whether you are a web-developer, programmer, graphic-designer, videographer, visual-artist; we implore you to contribute your brother-expertise.

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