The Webster’s dictionary recently added the word Sheeple to its index. This word is used to describe people who are easily led. To give the word some context, the famous dictionary publisher used a sentence in the definition referring to Apple product enthusiasts as Sheeple.

The term is clever by combining the words sheep and people to generate a new word that can articulate the characteristics of humans acting like sheep. Bravo.

People should act more like sheep. Sheep may like to be led, but they surely do not care about fitting in or judging each other based on body image/color.

I can just picture someone walking past a line of early shoppers on Black Friday saying look at all the sheeple as the judger pops the collar on their Lacoste shirt and take a sip from their Starbucks coffee while they skip to the next track on their Pandora top hits playlist that is coming from their Iphone into their Beats by Dre headphones.

It is hard to believe there isn’t a protest going on in the bay area right now to defend sheep. Lumping this gentle animal into such a negative stereotype is dangerously irresponsible. Protest culture for the most part is made up of people who are easily led. It is too meta for these types to rally behind a single voice to defend a group fighting the generalization that they are led without resistance by a single voice.

Throwing Apple products into the fire isn’t fair either. You know the same people who created this sentence are the ones who complain when a text comes in and forces the green bubbles. Takes a sheep to know a sheep.

In reality, how can you blame the sheep for following directions. There are people whose entire existence has been molded by their ability to heard sheep. When it comes down to it, the sheep figure they have food and water there is no need to put up a fight. Webster’s has unrealistic life expectations. These easily led sheep are fed well, get to make as much love as they want, get to bang as much as they want and get a haircut without having to leave a tip.

Let’s really break this down though. More often than not, if a big population is following a leader without giving too much flack it is because they are being guided in a logically sound non violent direction. I am all for being an individual, having your own voice and standing up against the machine however that first guy who suggested wearing pants didn’t push his beliefs onto easily led people, he simply presented an idea that made sense to a lot of individuals. That has nothing to do with following the leader. That is appreciating good ideas.

The problem isn’t the followers, it is the leaders.