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Humans Are Stories

We Are Not Washing Machines

Humans are stories

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Love is complex as life, and life gives us beautiful chances to grow up, and being a parent is one of those. I remember the advice I got the first time I got heartbroken: Boy, you should learn to close cycles.

Then I lived my whole life learning how to close it, and after many years I discovered that the best way to heal a broken heart is to leave the past behind, make the best of the disappointment we face, and learn the lesson for the future. I think that means to end a cycle.

But there is one thing missing, love is not only the present, but love is memories too, and this is something important because to walk into the future requires bringing with us all the beloved memories.

We are like books, in which we are writing every single chapter with all those memories, and the book does not close even if we die. The love we gave writes chapters in the life book of our beloved.

That afternoon while I was using the washing machine, I thought about what to say to my heartbroken son because it was his first love disappointment. My first thought was to talk about the cycles, but man:

Humans don’t have cycles, we are not washing machines.

Then I talked about love chapters he is writing not only in his life but others’ life. Those beautiful chapters he wrote forever, and it is true it will take time to look back to read it, but for sure, he will read it without pain someday.

These chapters are the base of the most charming and beautiful story he will read: his story.

Of course, now hurts, and it is not a sin to remind, to desire not to close the chapter, and the most important: to cry is never a mistake. Not all he will write will have a happy ever after ending.

Then I told him: take your time and cry all you need, and when you finish, please take the pen one more time and write a new chapter.

Because: Humans are stories.



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