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What fuels you towards your goals?


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I have lost a large chunk of my drive to write and publish on Medium, I must say. Since I found out that I could not be a partner and earn from my writing, I have not been as eager as I was prior to the rejection mail. You can read about it here:

What keeps you going when there’s a genuine lack of interest in an activity or goal or even person? How do you stay true to your goals and commitment even when you see no apparent rewards in sight?

My zest to post daily has dwindled since I discovered that I currently cannot earn from writing on this platform.

What mechanism do you have for sticking to your plan or strategy for achieving a goal against all odds?

I had a goal to write one story each day. You can read about it here:

But, currently, I cannot seem to garner the energy, or is it motivation that I need to see this to the end.

I have several drafts — that I cannot seem to finish — piled up in my drafts section, poetry and other literary forms alike.

I’m shattered, honestly.

But I’d be fine; it might just take a while, really.

I created a buy-me-a-coffee account so that you all can help me pull through this. I currently cannot enroll to be a partner and get paid. Please, support me here, and it will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

I intend to keep writing as it is a hobby.

I guess that is where I'm currently drawing whatever strength I'm writing this with. The fact is that I love writing.

Until next time, Love

Vivian Oguguo



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Vivian Oguguo

Vivian Oguguo

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