A Justification for Materialism

The justification of materialism doesn’t include the abuse of materialism.

I took this beautiful photo when I was living in Campbelltown, Scotland. It bordered the house where I was living. Each hour of the day, it would live different. When we have lost the ability to be touched and feel joy at the world around us, it is because our lives are too stressful to have time to notice what makes us happy. Own photo.

The dictionary gives two definations of materialism. The first is the belief that material possessions and physical comfort are more important than spiritual values. The second is the term as it is used in philosophy — the theory or belief that nothing exists except matter and its…




Regaining focus on what is really important in life.

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Tessa Schlesinger

Tessa Schlesinger

Author writing fiction. Loves photography, beauty, decor, dancing, travel, & secular ethics. Born and bred in Africa.

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