Republican Men Get Peeved when I Don’t Want to Date Them!

Some years ago, I wrote an article on why I won’t date Republicans. The fall-out has been interesting.

Screenshot of dm I received this morning (from my Facebook Messenger account.)

What Liberal Women Say About Dating Conservative Men

The guy is quite right, of course. At 70 years old (2021), I am no longer the gorgeous thing I once was. I am, indeed, old and ugly. I took these this morning. I have no make-up on. My hair is uncombed. I don’t do the beauty parlour thingie and I wear glasses. And I haven’t been near a hairdresser for 15 years. I haven’t given a shit about what I look like for a very, very long time. But you see, that’s not what I care about. I care about intellect, knowledge, ethics, and similar interests to my own. Own photo.

There’s Very Little About Liberal Women Not Dating Conservative Men On the Web

So that’s all I could find — very little. That’s probably why my article ranked on Google. For the record, there are conservative women who won’t date liberal men, and there’s a bit of advice telling conservative men that they mustn’t date liberal women.

A message from a ‘domestic engineer’ on facebook sent to me this evening. There truly is something wrong with Conservatives in America. Normal, well-adjusted people don’t behave this way.

Global citizen. Author. Thinker. Polymath. Climate change. Progressive. Loves photography, beauty, dancing, and believes benevolence is a survival mechanism.

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