For a start, I didn’t ask for it, and for a second, I asked for data — not advice.

Advice-giving is second nature to some. Pixabay

The number of people who offer me advice (and you) I didn’t ask for is quite bewildering. There is really some insulting about it. It presumes so many things. It presumes the following:

You’ll be surprised at what really matters when it comes to getting where you want to be.

Never be deceived by appearance. Rather check for the facts. Me, through the years. Own photo

I hear a lot of things about IQ tests — that it’s impossible to measure IQ, that it is culturally based, or that if you don’t have the education, then the tests can’t measure your intelligence.

I have had a lot of IQ tests. This was a result of my trying to find out why I had so many difficulties, why I was so desperately unhappy at work, and why I couldn’t seem to find a job. So every time I went for counselling, I landed up taking an IQ tests. Probably the one thing they had in common was…

It’s not that we’re wrong that is difficult — it’s losing face that’s difficult.

We often find it humiliating to admit we’re wrong. But we need to in order to move on. Pixabay

Saying sorry to someone when we’re wrong can sometimes feel like we’re giving away our power. It can also mean that we might feel that we are losing face. However, it’s quite possible to say I’m sorry without losing either power or face.

There’s nothing that disarms a potential enemy (or a real one) faster than admitting one is wrong. I’ve used that tactic occasionally (on minor issues) in order to make someone lower their guard, or simply to make a friend I really want — even if we disagree on something that is quite minor.

Agreement is the strongest…

I wrote a book about it because it was the only way I could apply what I knew! It kept me on the straight and narrow.

That’s my sister, Charmaine. She is 62 years old in this photo. She is 67 now, and I can assure you she looks just the same, and she is just as supple. It’s possible to be slim and lovely at any age. The lifestye and weight loss method in the book, however, is what I have rsearched. Own photo.

About three months ago, someone from another site approached me because she had seen my book Rapid Weight Loss — 20 lbs in 20 Days on KDP-Amazon. She wanted the print version, and I hadn’t done a print version. In the course of preparing it, we spoke about her weight.

She was desperate. She had been trying to lose weight for six months, was part of a special group of ladies at work who were all on the weight loss program together, and none of them had lost weight. …

I struggle with the concepts of deserving something, or earning something, or being entitled to something.

Me, thinking. I simply can’t answer some questions. I don’t know. Own phot.

Over the past few weeks, a question has repeatedly been asked me. It goes something like this, “Do the Jews not deserve a homeland?” “Are Jews not entitled to a homeland?” “Where must Jews go — if not to Israel.” “Israel is your country when people begin to harm you because you are Jewish?” “Where else will you go?”

Who Am I?

Before I can answer those questions, I need to tell you something about me. My late father was a German Jew — a holocaust survivor. My late mother was an Afrikaner — a gentile. So, technically, I was not born Jewish…

I find the term ‘influencer’ a strange one. I also find it unethical to attempt to influence others. Here’s why.

Just being lazy posting a picture of me because it’s two in the morning, and I’m too tired to figure out what sort of illustration there should be for this article. As a San Diego Comic-Con staffer, I have all sorts of pictures of me! Own photo.

If there’s one thing I can’t abide, it’s someone trying to change my opinion. “How then,” you will ask me, ‘will you ever learn?” Well, you see, every single day of my life, I read a book. In addition to that, I read a combination of the following.

The Guardian (British left)
The Daily Mail (British far right)
The Independent (British, maybe centre)
Der Spiegel (German publication)
France 24 (French publication)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong left publication)
Russia Today (Russia trying to undermine the west?) …

Let’s look at both sides, and then determine the answer to that question.

The vast majority of magnficient building in the world are either religious gathering places or palaces. Pixabay.

For thousands of years, mankind has waged religious wars on their neighbours. God said we must take the land of Canaan, and God said we must kill the infidels, and God said we must indulge in inquisitions and pogroms and all sorts of killings of others. Religions, many will tell you, are reponsible for the most misery in the world. The world would be a much better place if it weren’t for religion. Religion must be abolished they say. God is the grand delusion, and it is a sign of stupidity and weakness of character to believe in God. …

“I am a professor, and I would like your email so that we can privately discuss your views on Medium.”

I so agree with many of Einstein’s views. Public Domain

Apparently, I’m attracting quite a bit of attention these days. Over the past week or so, I’ve lost count of the number of professors, CEOs of billion dollar companies, and scientists who have approached me so that I can be better informed. I should also attend a class at college, they tell me. I wonder where they think I spent four years of my life? Still friends with my geology professor after all these years.

These lovely people all start off by identifying themselves with their impressive positions. Of course, it’s totally lost on me. My late father was a…

And what sort of women post photos 20 years younger than they are?

The truth may set you free, but it will also upset the applecart. Composite of artwork at pixabay, clipart, vector

It’s the same question, isn’t it? Why do people lie in order to get the attention of the opposite sex? Worse, if they’ve got past that why do they continue to lie?

I once spoke to a lady who lied about her financial situation. She was in deep trouble, and the man had specifically advertised for a woman that was financially stable. Eventually after about six months of dating and quite extensive emotional involvement on both sides, she slipped up somewhere in her subterfuge, and his next question (or rather statement) was “I think you better tell me about that.”…

Hunters pay big bucks to shoot lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and Cape buffalo.

Hunters with their kill, a leopard, a species that is rapidly approaching endangered species. Wiki Commons.

I was twenty three in early 1975 when I met my first professional hunter — Tony Challis. Rider Haggard, author of the Alan Quatermain series, would have called him a big white hunter. Tony was 40 then (and I 24), recently returned from escorting Henry Fonda, the American film icon from a hunting trip in Kenya.

Tony was not only the first professional hunter I met, but the last. I was shocked that he hunted animals, and I asked him about it. “The fees generated for hunting animals enable the government to keep the game reserves open,” he said. …

Humans being Humane

Our humanity matters. What’s important. What’s not.

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