Unity game pair programming

Me and my good friend and indie game developer Erik Rydeman do a pair programming session implementing a new feature IN THE CODEBASE OF HIS ACTUAL GAME, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone.

Stuff mentioned in the video:

The Game itself — Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
🔗 Info: http://bit.ly/clonedrone-fff-67
🔗 Buy: http://bit.ly/clonedrone-buy-fff-67

🔗 Erik Rydeman on Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamdoborog
🔗 mpj on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mpjme

Game development platform — Unity
🔗 Download Unity: http://bit.ly/download-unity-fff-67
📺 Demo reel of Unity: http://bit.ly/mpj-unity3d-demo
📺 Unity tutorial YouTube series: http://bit.ly/fff-unity-tutorial-series

📺 Vectors Explanation — video: http://bit.ly/vectors-explanation-fff-67

Voxels — the “3D pixels”
📺 Voxels in No Mans sky: http://bit.ly/magicavoxel-tutorial-fff-67
📺 MagicaVoxel tutorial: http://bit.ly/magicavoxel-tutorial-fff-67
🔗 Picavoxel: http://bit.ly/picavoxel-fff-67
🔗 Qubicle: http://bit.ly/qubicle-fff-67

📺 Music in the video: Peacock by 7 minutes dead 

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