“Young Syaf working towards a better tomorrow with Aman Tech”

For this young man, words didn’t come easy and future didn’t look bright. But that was before he entered the Aman Foundation’s Aman Tech program. Not only is he learning vocational skills at Pakistan’s premier institute for vocational training, but is also learning soft skills like communicating and speaking more coherently and eloquently. He is also enrolled in Aman Tech Fabrication Welding and Pipework course.

“I joined Aman Tech to become a role model for my cousins and friends,” says Syaf who comes from an underprivileged background where many boys waste away their best years of youth due to a lack of direction and guidance. “My father is a taxi driver who only managed to complete his Intermediate. Yet, due to his hard work, he is my role model. He is the one who always encouraged me to study,” says Syaf.

“I used to be very carefree and careless. But today, after becoming a part of Aman Tech, I have found a direction. This is all because of the positive environment, supportive teachers and the hard work I put in my studies. I plan to get a good job, stay happy and pursue further studies,” says a hopeful Syaf.