Humans of Happy Startups is born

A growing tribe of purpose-driven founders is changing the world, one startup at a time.

In the past month alone I’ve met dozens of people starting purposeful projects.

From giving grown ups the freedom and opportunity to take gap years, to fighting for better mental health in men across the world.

What’s reassuring to hear is everyone I’ve spoken to starting out a purposeful business don’t have the answers yet.

What they do know is that change is needed. Either in their own lives, in other people’s lives, or both.

And it’s that hunger for change in the world that keeps their motivation for the project alive.

1 year of stories

Over the next year I want to document the Humans of Happy Startups I meet every day. To amplify the meaningful work they are doing day to day, and show the struggles they‘re faced with during the journey.

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. But we have some truly incredible stories emerging from the Happy Startup community that I hope will give you confidence in your abilities that you can put your mind to anything and achieve it.

A story on “Success”

I spoke about this idea to share Humans of Happy Startups stories with a dear friend, Dan Flanagan.

A long conversation over coffee ended up in us talking about success – of all things.

We spoke about our personal definitions of success which I found fascinating. So we got it all down on paper and he agreed to be the very first story shared.

Read Dan’s story here.

He shared with me how he gave up his job to start a revolution, and why his definition of success is very different from the norm.

Enjoy and here’s to many more stories to come,