The Old Child

Human no.5 — Feb 23rd, 2016

Post Office
Photo Credit by Cristina Gerard

Unmasked appearances lose in status but gain in charm. The surprise I feel when a thought I didn’t even realize I had gets shattered in a matter of seconds is one of my favorite. Suddenly I find myself looking at you more than I should, and wondering what it is of you that is so… calming.

You are twenty, maybe. You have a naturally blond and fairly long mohawk that you tied in a black hair band. Your clothes are sporty, baggy, colorful. You sit behind the counter at the post office and when I hand you my bills to pay you smile and say “Oh you should fill these in first”. Yeah, I should, I’m tired and didn’t even realize I hadn’t. We both giggle and I try to be as quick as possible, I don’t want to keep you waiting.

You wait, and help me out when I hesitate. Your voice is so… calming. You have a date tonight. Every day you go to work you appreciate being able to wear your clothes and being everybody’s favorite. It’s not like you do anything for it, besides being on time and bringing cake when your grandmother makes it. She’s the one you make dirty jokes with. You like her stories and she likes that you listen to her every time she tells them, over and over again.

One would think that you’re rebelling against something, and there was a moment when you thought you should. But you couldn’t find a good enough reason. You were happy. You can’t rebel against that.

Your eyes are blue. For some reason I can’t look into them for too long, so I stare at your hair and at the pen you lent me. I thought you looked out of place for a second of two, but then I felt like that description fit me better. You thought about changing before going out with her later, but then again the first thing she ever said to you was “Where did you buy that?”.

Your dad will ask you a million questions tomorrow, like he always does, trying to be cool so you won’t tell he’s actually nostalgic and a bit jealous. You’re borrowing his car, the one the two of you fix together sometimes. That too is… calming. The world to you is something to bite one bit at a time, and so far it’s allowed you to appreciate whatever waiting room you might be in. Cause you know that a lot of life is about that. And that is usually annoying. And that is probably why you, instead, are so… you know.

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