Al has dedicated his entire career to supporting the medical profession. He started at Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) in a variety of roles including Hospital Porter and Patient Services Worker in the ER. After a career that spanned 36 years at CMH he decided he was ready for a change which led him to Paramedic Services Fleet Support. Al knew a lot of paramedics from his time working in the ER which made the change smoother. “It’s hard to give up a job but the familiarity made it easier. In the end it was a good choice!”

The primary role of fleet support is to ensure that all the ambulances are stocked and ready to go for the day. “Our first order of business is to get the trucks on the road!” Al works with a team each day checking all the trucks, equipment and bags to ensure that the paramedic teams are ready to go with all the medications and supplies needed for success. All medications are checked for expiry during each shift and equipment is tested regularly to ensure it’s operating effectively.

Once the trucks are out the door Al turns to other duties for the day. “We maintain stretchers and perform small repairs; we also order all the drugs and medical supplies for the service.” Three times a week Al is out to his old stomping grounds visiting the three local hospitals to restock onsite supplies for the paramedics. Al also monitors vehicle maintenance requests ensuring that they are serviced by the end of each week.

Working in Fleet support is different each day. “Some days are very busy — crews coming in during the shift because they need a repair, assistance with cleaning or they’ve come off a bad call. We might have days where no trucks return during a shift and others where there are three or four waiting for assistance.

For Al, the most rewarding part of the job is “knowing that the medics have the right equipment to go out and do their job efficiently. Each day Al is confident that the paramedic teams will have what they need on the road.

“Sometimes when you hear about a crew that had a great outcome to a call you can’t help but think that we had a part in that because we ensured that they had what they needed to respond. The crews depend on us. They know we’re doing our job well and we are treated like a valued part of the Paramedic Services team.”

For more information about Fleet Support visit Paramedic Services.