I wanted to bring you here for a coffee so that we could discuss things frankly. You see, the Lord is for the church; it’s His church. But the church is made up of people and if you don’t have strong leadership it would all fall apart. I am a strong leader because I have a choleric personality. As a choleric I have insight into the direction people are heading and when it starts to get out of hand I have to re-invent myself as their leader. We all do it to some degree but I re-invent myself all the time so that they never know what’s going to come next.

Paul said faith is the substance of things hoped for and if they think this is all they are getting they won’t stick around. If I didn’t keep coming up with new ideas the church would fall apart. The people would get bored or disgruntled and they would rebel. The Lord doesn’t want disunity and strong leaders demand loyalty. You could never handle this by yourself because you are too phlegmatic. Phlegmatics make very poor leaders because they humour the biases of the people around them. I can’t see you doing this role; you show no vision. I know the others, X and X, favour you but I know it won’t work. The Lord doesn’t want that. The Lord wants good strong leadership that is not afraid to take the harder road. Sometimes you have to be unpopular to walk the thin line of righteousness. I re-invent myself all the time to keep walking down that path.

Churches fall apart all the time and it’s because of weak leaders. They let people walk all over them. I don’t and the people love me for it. That’s why they follow me and that’s why I have to keep on re-inventing myself. And so, I welcome you as part of the team. I’m sure your compassion and gentleness will be helpful to many of the older ones.

Well, it’s getting late and I have to get back to the office. Thank you for inviting me here and for paying for my coffee. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy Monday morning to talk with me and to welcome me. Your frankness has been very helpful. Goodbye.