Photojournalist: Ebony Orellana

I was barely 15 years old when I came to the united states of America back in Guatemala my mom always would hit us I used to go to school but one day my dad spoke to me about going to the United states he said there was more opportunities and I can have a better life.My biggest fear about coming to the united states was the walk to here i was afraid that people would try to kill me or physically abuse me .or i would dehydrate and die in the desert..When I lived in Guatemala I loved Selena and i loved her song “Como La Flor” .As a child i used to watch Power Rangers, El Chavo Del Ocho, Candy, Thunder Cats .Growing up I wanted to be a doctor . One thing i would never forget growing up in Guatemala is the poverty moment where some days my family and i had no food sometimes or else go with 24 hrs of no food.

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