Photojournalist: Perla Giles

‘’The most rewarding thing about attending a four year University is having the privilege to aspire the youth in low income communities to pursue a higher education. Having the opportunity to serve as a role model for others has been very rewarding for me. After joining a Latin based fraternity I got the opportunity to reach out to low income communities and help them pursue a higher education. I also get the chance to speak to them about the adversity I faced as a Latin male in South Central LA. I’ve had the privilege to share my journey and inspire others to work hard to get what they want. Not only have I gotten the chance to share my experience, I have also gotten the chance to connect them with resources so they can apply for colleges and scholarships. Cal Poly Pomona has definitely given me the tools to help the people in my community and being able to be a helping hand in my community has been the most rewarding thing I’ve acquired from my education. Advice that I would give to anyone wanting to attend college, is to go for it and to not give up because college is hard but as long as they’re determined they’ll go far. I would also, tell them that they should reach for this goal, because they are so fortunate to be able to have a chance to follow their dreams and I promise them that college is an amazing privilege ,that will change their life.’’

Originally published at on September 5, 2017.

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