A snapshot of Camplife; Chaco Canyon, NM

As the Day Goes

By Catie Cangemni

  1. Five flaky, brown trunks sprouting green needles. Health, growth, moving upward.
  2. Twenty six nomads tanned from days in the sun and dirt. Curiosity, experience.
  3. Three white vans spattered with the dirt of roads less-traveled. Trusty steeds, sanctuary, quiet.
  4. Six students napping and bent uncomfortably in seats of grey cloth and foam. Exhausted, absorptive, peace.
  5. Two parks swarming with tales of people-past waiting to be told. Open, conservation, limited freedom.
  6. Two infinite lanes of a dusty road in the middle of nowhere. Weathered, abandoned.
  7. Two smiling faces and one large, mobile box singing the tunes of home. Welcome, familiarity, comfort!
  8. Fifteen nylon bags strung out between trees and pavilions alike. Funny how a football-shaped sheet can be considered more comfortable and home-y than a pop up tent! Relax, swing, ponder.
  9. Millions of stars dancing, glittering an inky black sky with silver pinpricks. Boundless, fireflies, Heaven.
  10. One group, once strangers, now best friends living as a cohesive unit. They have traveled, camped, hiked, swam, discovered, learned, and jumped into the unknown together. A family I observe here; people I want to maintain relationships with, continue to grow with. A piece of my heart I will leave here on the roads of reckless abandon we have traveled. Forever will these months live in my soul. Exploration, pioneers, love.
Catie sporting war-clay from the grounds of Providence Canyon, GA