Devil’s Postpile features naturally occurring hexagonal rocks; Mammoth Lakes, CA


Ruth Pannill

“IFP is a program where your feelings and experiences are just as vast and beautiful as the places you visit.” — Amelia Perry

I am on a cliff looking into the Pacific 
wind pushing me away
waves calling me back
as I descend back to Earth
peeking over my shoulder
soul aching for one last glimmer of blue

outside my window
deserts give way to forests
tall evergreens bursting out of barren orange floors
climbing mountains
weaving in and out of clouds
leaving the dry and dusty behind

bodies rejoice as the end of the trail appears
 gazing up to walls of boulders conquered
 peaks stained with tears of joy and relief
 an accomplishment to be remembered for all of time

the sun falls below
the peaks of million year old mountains
night ushered in with twilight
opening the curtains to the stars

suddenly you are home again
 but what is home anymore
 a bed, running water, a door to lock

my mind doesn’t live here anymore
you’ll find it in the wide open spaces
floating among the endless Montana clouds
diving into canyons and caves
waiting for my body to return

Will Bullard and Ruth Pannill play with time lapse to capture the night sky; Inyo National Forest, CA