Cooks Ben & Rocco jam along with student Brooke Martin after our Goodbye Feast; Sapelo Island, GA

Songs that Accentuate Summer

By Stephanie Pridemore

Song: Dramamine
Artist: Modest Mouse
We are driving out of New Mexico and into Colorado. After being trapped in the arid and desolate desert for weeks, the first sight of mountains left an excited hush within our van. Dramamine by Modest Mouse quietly plays in the background as everyone presses their noses against the glass windows, fogging them with our breath as we stare out at the panoramic mountain views. Unable to contain her happiness, Sophie roles down the passenger seat window and hangs her head out, taking in a breath of the fresh mountainous air and letting out a yelp of excitement.

Song: Somebody That I Used to Know
Artist: Elliot Smith
As I lay on my brand new and rather shitty mattress pad, all I can do is dream about my queen sized mattress at home. The thought of 60 more days sleeping on the earthen floor with these strangers leaves me stricken with restlessness and an inability to sleep. The silence of the night is unfamiliar to my ears and adds to my anxiety about the coming weeks. The only thing I can think to do in order to quiet the daunting silence is to put in headphones and plug in my iPod. I hit shuffle and Somebody That I Used to Know comes on. The soft whisper of Elliot Smith’s voice lulls me into a gentle sleep.

Song: Electric Pow Wow Drum
Artist: A Tribe Called Red
Sleepily, eight of us students stumble into the blue van, exhausted from the previous day’s strenuous hike but excited about our day off in Flagstaff. The drive was longer than expected and all of our energy was dwindling so I decided to play a Electric Pow Wow Drum, a song from my high school days that is questionably weird but full of energy. As it began to play, the citizens of the van were slightly freaked out by the loud chanting nature of the song, but soon enough everyone could not stop laughing at how ridiculous the song was. The song ended as we pulled into the flagstaff area and everyone was able to start their day on a pleasant note.

The last official night of IFP; Aurora, CO

Song: I Wan’na Be Like You
Artist: Louis Prima
It’s our last night on Sapelo Island and all 27 of us are sitting underneath a covering directly next to the beach. The sun is setting behind Rocco and Ben as they vigorously strum on their banjo and guitar, providing entertainment for all. They begin a rendition of I Wan’na Be Like You from the Jungle Book Soundtrack. Nostalgia hits the surrounding audience as this was a song from their childhoods and quickly everyone joins in singing the chorus. The happy echo of everyone’s voices in harmony leaves a sweet ending to the hell that is Sapelo Island.

Song: I’m Coming Out
Artist: Diana Ross
The song that has been stuck in my head for 38 straight days and is the song that you can catch me singing under my breath at most times of the day.

Song: Bad Day
Artist: Daniel Powter
After finishing an exhausting eight mile hike through the Yosemite Valley, Colin comes up to a group of me, Kendall, Wyatt and Mia to solemnly tell us about one of his misfortunes that was so trivial I cannot even recall why he was pouting. Unable to contain our amusement at his misfortune, we start singing a chorus of Bad Day by Daniel Powter. Unimpressed by our shenanigans, Colin retreats into his tent moodily.

Song: Gonna Fly Now
Artist: Bill Conti
As we start our three mile trek back up the Grand Canyon, spirits within the group were dismally low. The daunting task of hiking up a steep slope for multiple hours left me with a bitter feeling of misery. The group was silent aside from our heavy breathing, and my mental willpower to continue forward was draining quickly. Until Mia, realizing we needed a change of attitude, started to quietly sing The Rocky theme song. It wasn’t long until all of us joined in and our pace and mood instantly heightened.

Town & Country
Artist: Bibio
The only song I need for those quiet car rides staring outside the window at the passing scenery.

Song: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
Artist: M. Keali’i Ho’ Omalu
While staying at Blue Water Lake Campsite, which would be more appropriately named the Brown Muddy Pond Campsite, we had our first taste of free time in weeks. Unaccustomed to this, I had no idea what to do with myself but I knew that I wanted ice cream more than I can explain. I mustered up a group of seven others that also had this craving and we begged one of our TL’s to drive us out of camp and to a Dairy Queen 20 minutes away. Having convinced Will to drive us, we all piled into a van and went on our merry way only to arrive at the Dairy Queen and realize it’s closed at 8 PM on a Saturday night. With dismal attitudes, we headed back to camp and in an attempt to cheer us up, Ben, who was DJing, put on the Lilo and Stitch theme song which is quite possibly the happiest song in existence. Just as the peak of the song hit, we saw a sign advertising ice cream at a quaint bait and tackle shop directly outside of the campground. Will slammed on the breaks and quickly turned into the store parking lot and we were able to end our night on a joyous note.

Resting; Yosemite, CA