McClures Beach, CA


By Xiao Tan

Sea wave snarling to land, once and once again. Uplifting head, opening dangerous mouth with unbeatable power. Up to the sky, down to the land. Pouncing to enormous rock and then breaking into small shining drop, flying away.

Sea grasses swiveling, kelps flying its hair, anemones swaying hands, mussels uplifting heads, sea stars hiding faces, crabs digging into hole. Here is their home, is heaven of nature.

They are just most normal sands, such small, numerous, unrealizable. One wind can carry them away, a wave can make them disappear. However, they are such delicate. Polished by time and water, it is shinning from every angles, smooth and gentle.

Scorching bright sunlight toward people’s eyes, heating powerful hot way push to people’s face, creatures have been forced by the unbelievable temperature to be quilt and stable, no energetic no voice.

Light jumps through leaves reaching my face, a little warm, a little exciting and a little relaxing.

Water fluent through my fingers, can’t catch, can’t block, just feeling, feel it’s softness, elegance and proud.

Staring staring night.

Hearing his heart beating, strong and peaceful.

Step and step, her brown hair up and down, vividly.

Lying on beach, hearing sing of sea, smelling humid air, tasting salty vapor. No worry, no happy, just me.

Jumping up and down, you chase me, I chase him, laughing in the air, swiped in corner

Xiao celebrating IFP at the Goodbye Party, two days out from Home; Aurora, CO