Humans + Technology

What happens with people and machines interact.

Gamify yourself without tech

People have gotten into the habit of wanting habits.

Everyday there’s a new application or piece of hardware that helps gamify our daily…

The future of sharing (0nline)

From Digg to SnapChat to Evernote, everyone is trying to solve this riddle. Spoiler: The winner will be a niche solution. 

Ignore the news

Why I gave up listening to mainstream news so I could concentrate on things that matter

Facebook & Friends: The Smaller Future of Facebook and Your Friends List

Why deleting your friends is the most social thing you can do

How do you write?

How I used to Write

Is it plugged in?

In high school, I took a class called "Computer Troubleshooting." This may sound like a weird class for a 16-year-old to take or a high school to offer, but in practice it was savvy: the school netted a built-in, small workforce for IT support and repairs. Nothing like a little free labor to make things go.

How retail stores should use the internet to their advantage

So, I want some new shoes.

I want to use Zappos, but I’m not sure those shoes are going to fit, and I…

The Web Conscious

The Collective Unconscious

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920s argued that humans share a “collective unconscious.” His observation, rooted in…

Reddit: Democratic Content Gone Bad

I use Reddit almost every day. It’s usually the first thing I open after my email inbox and Twitter feed. It’s become an almost compulsive habit to…

Friends Don’t Let Friends Curate (FB’s Redesign)

Facebook is in the midst of a major redesign of their feed. They’re releasing it incrementally, but everyone should have it in the very…

Welcome, Future. It’s Been Awhile

CES is a miserable yearly display of modern technology that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada - the most appropriate place for the prostitution of…

Humans + Technology
Humans + Technology

What happens with people and machines interact.

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