[Humanscape Advisor] Dentist and AI angel club CEO “Seong-ho Choi”

Jun 29, 2018 · 4 min read
Dentist and AI angel club CEO “Seong-ho Choi”

Hello to all HUMs!

Today, we have the honor of introducing Professor Seong-ho Choi. Professor Choi is a dental specialist which is an essential field for PGHD. He also serves as the chairman of the AI angel club, a startup investment institution.

1. Nice to meet you CEO Choi. Could you please introduce yourself to the Humanscape community?

Hello. My name is Seong-ho Choi and I am currently a dental specialist and the chairman of the Accredited Investors (AI) angel club.

2. As a dentist and an investor, what did you see in Humanscape to have joined as an Advisor?

I typically make investments looking at three criterias. 1) The team composition in the startup, 2) Business model 3) The industry the startup is in.
First, the attitude of CEO Chang of Humanscape is great. I think that his attitude and vision for the business is of one that will help create a path of success for this project. Not only that, but the team members of Humanscape have a remarkable ability of answering and helping people in many community channels.
Second, the business model seems fine. The objective of this project is to create a patient-based community, and hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are going to be clear consumers of the data gained from PGHD. It is data that even those respective companies will have a troublesome time trying to collect and process. Last, although there has not been a clear product from the blockchain but there is potential in this industry.

3. The next question is just something that comes to mind from a personal experience. Compared to other medical fields, it feels as though that the the amount of time a dentist shares with a patient is shorter than doctors. I think that dentists do not ask regularly about patient habits or how they manage their teeth. What could be some potential PGHDs that dentists can use to help treatment for patients?

The reason that the patient and the dentist share a relatively short time is because the dentist is mainly allocating their time to the direct treatment rather than spend time looking for meaning in patient data. That is, even if the dentist lengthens the amount of time spent talking with the patient, the dentists needs to take care of tooth decay, gum treatment, and the effect of the treatment can be seen almost immediately.

The types of PGHD that can be be collected are method of brushing, the number of teeth, the kind of toothpaste patients use, the type of toothbrush, and if there is pain from chewing. When do you drink cold or hot water? Is it morning? When it is time for dinner? Are your gums hurting? Is it painful to swallow saliva? How many times does it hurt during the day? Was the intensity of pain too unbearable? Does it feel bad? There are quite a lot of PGHDs to collect, and all diagnoses should vary depending on the patient data listed above.

4. Then, could you say that PGHD is worth utilizing in the dental field?

As well in dentistry, PGHD can be used as a significant factor in diagnosis. It will especially be utilized for treating periodontal disease. The problem is that most patients that come to the hospital is when their gums are swollen or sore. It is already too late at that stage. The prescribed medication at that time are closer to nutrients than medicine, it does not help that much.

In the case of periodontal disease, it is difficult to treat as it is a chronic disease. However, if the information that patients generate can be helpful to pharmaceutical companies, PGHD can be of substantial value.

5. If you having anything in mind, are there any last words for Humanscape that you would like to give?

There isn’t anything I have in mind right now.

If anything, Humanscape is going on a path that no one has ventured through before. In order to create a path, someone needs to make the trip. That is Humanscape. Creating a service is important but as Humanscape goes on its journey there are going to be a lot of bumps on the path ahead. I hope Humanscape launches a service quick and efficiently.

We would like to thank CEO Sung-ho Choi for clarifying the misconceptions about dentistry and sharing the important of PGHD in healthcare. We ask for continued advice so that the project can keep developing well. Thank you!

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Our mission is to cure incurable diseases, by curating personal health data.


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Our mission is to cure incurable diseases, by curating personal health data.

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