[Humanscape Advisor] Digital Healthcare Expert. Interview with DHP CEO, “Yoon Sup Choi”

Jun 27, 2018 · 5 min read
CEO of Digital Healthcare Partners, “Yoon Sup Choi”

Hello HUMs! It’s the Humanscape team :)

At Humanscape, we work intimately with top-tier doctors, professors, and professional researchers working in the healthcare field. They provide invaluable insight to the Humanscape project.

Today, we have the honor to introduce Digital Healthcare Partner (DHP) CEO, Professor Yoon Sup Choi. Professor Choi also lectures at the Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences & Technology in Sungkyunkwan University.

1. Hello Professor, We would like to ask if you could briefly introduce yourself to the members of Humanscape!

Hello, this is Yoon Sup Choi. I research and disseminate data from digital healthcare. DHP collaborates with other medical professionals to find and nurture startups.

2. You’ve established and currently operate DHP. We are curious about the work you do specifically at DHP.

First, the main purpose of DHP (Digital Healthcare Partners) is to develop and nurture innovative healthcare startups in Korea. To do just that, we create an environment in which they can thrive. Currently, the medical market is made up of an unusual structure of doctors, regulators, insurers, governments, large corporations, VCs, and accelerators. It has complicated interests combined. It is especially confusing for people who have just started as startups. Our goal is to resolve these blind spots. In fact, we work together with experts from various fields, and we are growing to be the first medical healthcare professional accelerator in Korea. This year we also increased our portfolio significantly.

At DHP, we do not only accelerate a startup from a specific category. We progress bottom up in the digital healthcare field. Everytime there is an innovative idea found in the process, we dig it up and nurture it. From checking our portfolio, you can tell that it is quite diverse. From AI, mobile healthcare, chatbots, VR, blockchain, to dielectric materials, there are a lot of topics within the healthcare field.

3. Thank you. Then, what did you see in Humanscape to join and become an advisor?

The CEO of Humanscape had a big influence in the process. I have kept a friendly relationship with Mashup Angels and we were working on some acceleration together. Then, I came to the introduction of Humanscape through Mashup. The attitude and direction CEO Min-hoo Chang showed was marvelous. At that time, they were already over the investment period , but we now have a fresh opportunity from Humanscape choosing a new direction.

If there was one more reason to have become an advisor, it would be because of blockchain. I am personally interested in blockchain itself. I am confident that it will cause good changes to aspects in real life. I have been keen in innovations of medical data or PGHD from the utilization of blockchain. If we properly implement incentives to blockchain, I am quite confident that this project will develop well and succeed.

4. Is PGHD that Humanscape intends to collect data actually of considerable value? How can Humanscape develop a synergy between PGHD and blockchain?

It is a subject of interest in developed countries like the US. There also has been active clinical efficacy studies conducted on diagnosis/treatment/prevention. There has not been any consistent results yet, but we are taking steps towards the right direction.

PGHD is a fairly wide field, and it is hard to define in just one word. Yet, it will become more developed and concrete in the near future. Although there is a lack of interest in Korea, it is a topic talked a lot in America. Especially, I believe that PGHD can be advanced further with the use of blockchain. Like I said earlier, the complicated combination of interest in medical field could possibly resolved on blockchain with tokens. Patients who have provided data without incentives will now finally benefit from this project. I think that PGHD will change significantly after the use of blockchain.

5. What kind of impact will Humanscape have on the growth of the cryptocurrency market?

According to Hashed CEO Seo-joon Kim, new economy is coming. If the cryptocurrency is more commercialized and widespread, we will be able to do many things with different tokens in our daily lives. Until now, cryptocurrency has been the focus of investment but there has been very few cases where it has been applied in real life scenarios. It is something that CEO Jae-won Shin (Go To advisor Jae-won Shin’s Interview) and I frequently discuss in our conversations. In the medical field, I would like to see Humanscape to play that role. There are many cases in which you can use in platforms like 열나요, 닥터다이어리 , and 3billion. We need to demonstrate even if miniscule, the ability to empathize with the world.

6. If you having anything in mind, are there any last words for Humanscape that you would like to give?

Like I said before, Humanscape needs to create a functionable service, even if rudimentary, that customers can use.

Please continue with the original essence in mind as you progress through the project. There are numerous things I participate in as well as oversee, but I just want to say that the Humanscape team is very unique. The better way to put it would be to say that the Humanscape team is pure in their intent. Humanscape could easily become greedy when it comes to token economy and cryptocurrency but they keep their objective simple and continue working.

Lastly, the person of interest must be the patient and pharmaceutical company, not Humanscape. I hope that the Humanscape Project will succeed and become a platform that understands what the people need, but also helps the people in need.

Starting with a small service and keeping the main essence at heart. Thank you for all the advice you have shared with us today. We will always remember to keep our mission in mind. Please continue to watch Humanscape grow and develop together. :)

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