[Humanscape’s advisor]Interview with ‘Bigbang Angels’’s Managing Partner, Ji-Hoon Jeong.

Jun 8, 2018 · 5 min read
Ji-Hoon Jeong, Advisor of Humanscape

Hello everyone-

It’s the Humanscape team!

At Humanscape, we have advisors who are experts in digital healthcare, medicine, law, and other fields.

Humanscape has prepared an interview with Professor Ji-Hoon Jung, who recently shared a lecture on “How Blockchain will Change the World”.

1. Welcome Professor! We know a lot about you, but we hope you can introduce yourself to the Humanscape community about what you do and what field you work in :)

I don’t even know myself that well. (laughter)

I’m currently a professor at the Department of Media Communication at Kyunghee Cyber University and a managing partner at ‘Bigbang Angels’. Also co-founded ‘Digital Healthcare Partners’, a medical startup accelerator, and work as one of the partners.

In addition to formal ones, I have invested in about 45 startups over the span of 9 years. Humanscape being one of them.

I majored in medicine, MPH in policy, and a Ph.D in biomedical engineering. Although these are all different areas of study, I strive to produce high values by interconnecting these majors.

2. You majored in various fields and have a lot of work experience! So, what attracted you to become an advisor at Humanscape?

Well… Humanscape handles PHR. Actually, it would be better to say that Humanscape handles PGHD (patient generated healthcare data).

So far, most of what we consider as medical information comes from hospitals. The only data available is video data or genetic information that is obtainable through in-depth examinations. We diagnose as well as manage these diseases with an iota amount of information. When in fact, the most information we can get out of patients are when they are outside the hospital. Their daily routine, what they do, and where they are, it’s very hard to get this information when in the hospital. I think that PGHDs can contribute to real medical advancements when they become implemented to the medical care process. In addition, it could change a hospital centered medical environment to a patient centered one.

It’s also true that Humanscape is taking advantage of blockchain technology. The ability to distribute incentives to the owners is a feature of the blockchain which they complimented well. Medical records so far were owned and used by hospitals. On the blockchain, there is now an incentive to own and use their own data.

But just collecting PHR data will not promise success. Even Google and Microsoft have tried and failed. The most important aspect is interaction with the patient group. We need to create a new cycle that closely links the patient community. Humanscape is on the path to fulfilling it.

To be honest, it is a very difficult task. There is a need for additional research on how it differs from medical information that has been presented so far. It’s not a process that other companies often do. I think that it’s an important and meaningful attempt. That is why the Humanscape project looks even more captivating.

3. We were hoping you could mention a little bit about blockchain. What are the characteristics of blockchain that Humanscape can use in addition to incentives and transparency?

Well… blockchain incorporates a set of various technology so it is hard to explain it in layman terms.

First, Humanscape must ultimately become a personalized service infrastructure. It is hard to find meaning in just collecting data. It must be networked to find meaning.

The approach it must take is going to be different from regular big data. For big data to become collective data, we must first get rid of personal information due to privacy. It may be useful for research, but there are no customized benefits for individuals who provide the information. Information protection and trying to use the data become conflicting points.

Humanscape needs to utilize blockchain in a way that data providers have full control over their own data. Perhaps you can use smart contracts to provide customized information. If the system is well structured, the data provider may as well received recommendations for personalized healthcare or personalized health behaviors. Of course, in the meantime, KYC, privacy rights, and other information protection must be given constant attention.

4. Then I guess you could say that Humanscape must take information privacy as its biggest concern?

First, patients generating and using their own data means each individuals will also have to take the responsibility. Currently, medical institutions are responsible for keeping patient privacy. It may seem correct to raise a flag on this matter and to return the ownership of personal information back to patients. However, if an individual mishandles their privacy, there could be a situation where Humanscape may have to take the responsibility. Ownership should be returned, while privacy and security are fully protected.

There are times when the blockchain characteristic won’t work well when trying to connect it with the privacy information protection law. When we think about in terms of linking Europe’s GDPR, there is a problem with the ‘right to be forgotten’ law. Meaning, there could be a problem if individual privacy is not managed well. It’s a double edged sword. It’s important to offset the advantages and disadvantages.

5. You have given a lot of great insight, are there any last points Humanscape should be on the watch for?

One of the biggest problems blockchain projects face is from the fact that the majority of them have too large of a game plan. They work too hard to show only the good aspects. There are also many things that are only theoretically based from their white paper. However, the world is not that easy. You can get a lot of investments and become famous, but that shouldn’t be everything to being a startup. The most important aspect of this is to know who your customers are and provide a service that they can use conveniently. Despite the small size and perhaps slightly late start, Humanscape is a project that I want to see succeed and reach the very end. I hope that many patients receive help through the Humanscape project and make hospitals and pharmaceutical companies more effective in R&D.

Thank you for giving advice not only in blockchain, but also in medicine and policy. We are very proud to have Professor Jeong as an advisor at Humanscape. Please continue to keep in touch with the development of Humanscape!

Thank you :)

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