Jun 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello everyone!

Today, we would like to share an interview done at ICO today’s Liveshow with Min-hoo Chang, our CEO, and Yong-hyun Kim, our business developer, explaining all about our project!

Q. What is Humanscape? (Click to watch)

Q. What kind of information would be written on blockchain?(Click to watch)

Q. In terms of compensation, why did you decide to give tokens instead of points with fixed rate? (Click to watch)

Q. Even if you decided to issue tokens, ICO is still not a must. Why did you have to do ICO?(Click to watch)

Q. How did you come up with this project? (Click to watch)

Q. What is PGHD(Patient-Generated Health Data)? (Click to watch)

Q. You keep mentioning PatientsLikeMe. Is it something similar service to Humanscape?(Click to watch)

Q. I see that the key point of your ecosystem is that users who provide data receive compensation. So you think such compensation will be the driving force for active Humanscape ecosystem? (Click to watch)

Q. There is always “abusing” issue when there is compensation. Do you have any plans to prevent it?(Click to watch)

Q. Is your service for patients with certain diseases or also for everyone? What’s the exact range or your service target?(Click to watch)

Q. Let me ask you questions about Humanscape’s token economy. There are three types of tokens, HUM, HP, HD. Could you explain further?(Click to watch)

Q. “Voting power” concept is similar to that of Steem’s, where “whales” have big influence over whole ecosystem. How would you solve this problem?(Click to watch)

Q. Let’s get back to Humanscape’s service and its use cases. Your service composition is explained in this one picture, could you briefly explain each of them? (Click to watch)

Q. There are many use cases, please explain us ones from private sector first.(Click to watch)

Q. How about in public sectors? (Click to watch)

Q. Talking about Indonesia, I noticed that you guys place a lot of emphasis on Indonesia market when I looked up the roadmap?(Click to watch)

Q. Do you have found advisors or partners for business in Indonesia?(Click to watch)

Q. Why do you use SMT? (Click to watch)

Q. So Humanscape starts off ERC-20-based and later covert into SMT-based, when would the conversion happen approximately? (Click to watch)

Q. There are quite many team members, will they all be involved with this project? (Click to watch)

Q. You guys have many advisors as well, from medical fields to law. Could you explain us some of them? (Click to watch)

Q. How about partners? (Click to watch)

Q. Humanscape’s 1st pre-sale begins on May 31st. Please give us more details. (Click to watch)

Q. Can you tell us more about those experts who participated in private sale? (Click to watch)

Q. Private sale takes up 50% of whole volume of sale. How is the lock-up condition?(Click to watch)

Q. What are the marketing plans other than through Coinrail? (Click to watch)

Q. According to your roadmap, exchange listing is expected to happen this coming 4th quarter. Any news? (Click to watch)

Q. What is MVP that is planned to be developed in 2nd quarter?(Click to watch)

Q. Humanscape’s ICO can be considered as reverse ICO, but it seems like your project will take quite a lot of time to be built?(Click to watch)

Q. What is the ultimate vision of Humanscape’s ecosystem?(Click to watch)

Q. Do you have any words for our viewers? (Click to watch)

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Our mission is to cure incurable diseases, by curating personal health data.


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Our mission is to cure incurable diseases, by curating personal health data.

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