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Agreement to launch a third-party application utilizing the MediBloc platform

Improvement of Patient-Generated Health Data through the partnership with MediBloc, obtaining patient records recorded inside the hospitals.

Partnership of MediBloc and Humanscape will allow both to collect a full range of health data on patients from both inside and outside the hospital.

On July 27th, Min-hoo Chang — the CEO of Humanscape, a blockchain based patient network platform — announced that Humanscape has signed a partnership agreement with MediBloc, a blockchain based personal health information platform.

At the ceremony, Humanscape and MediBloc came to a consensus on 1) launching a third-party application using the MediBloc platform, 2) developing innovative business models in a digital healthcare field, 3) exchanging and complementing technology between the two parties, and 4) actively meeting all other potential objectives derived from this partnership.

With the experience of producing and operating IT solutions in the healthcare field for the past four years, Humanscape team has launched the Humanscape Project. The objectives of Humanscape Project are to collect a full range of data from patients suffering from rare⋅ incurable diseases and provide those data to pharmaceutical companies and research institutes to develop new drugs and treatments. Simply put, the Humanscape Project is a blockchain based patient network platform to help these patients in need.

After the Humanscape Project has launched, Humanscape team has been selected as a participant in the Halcyon Intensive Program by KIC Washington (a non-profit innovation center under the Ministry of Science and ICT, renowned for connecting promising start-ups with markets and capital for global expansion) and the GEP program by Chungnam Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, under the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The Humanscape team continues to actively participate in developing and improving the medical fields in several nations such as Indonesia, USA, and Vietnam.

Under the mission of ‘recreating the medical experience,’ MediBloc — which has signed a partnership with Humanscape — aims to collect medical records and information scattered in hospitals, and center them on ‘individuals’ rather than the hospitals on blockchain and eventually allows all stakeholders of the medical field to enjoy more benefits.

Furthermore, MediBloc has proved its potential as a medical information platform by concluding an agreement with prominent medical institutions such as Hanyang University Medical Center, Kyunghee University Dental Hospital, Bestian Hospital, etc. Additionally, on July 18th, MediBloc was named the sole blockchain technology provider of National Information Society Agency (NIA) and Bundang Seoul National University’s ‘KOREN (Korea Advanced Research Network) network-based medical data trading research using blockchain technology and the composition of the medical network research consortium’.

Humanscape, which focuses on Patient-Generated Health Data (data collected outside of the hospital), plans on reinforcing its data with this partnership and collecting medical records and information from MediBloc.

Min-hoo Chang, the CEO of Humanscape, commented, “The partnership of the two projects will allow us to obtain comprehensive data on the patients’ lives inside and outside of the hospital, and it also has a significant implication that we will be able to provide meaningful and sophisticated data to those who are working to develop new medicines to cure the rare and incurable diseases.”

Min-hoo Chang also mentioned that “Previously, Humanscape was fortunate to have Bernd Lapp as our advisor — a former advisor of the Etherium Foundation — and was able to build better expertise on token economy and blockchain based technology. This time, by signing a partnership with MediBloc, we hope to create a patient-centered health information community that is trustworthy and beneficial to all. With the MediBloc team, we are eager to become the forerunners of healthcare-blockchain industry and build a healthy ecosystem that represent all of Asia.”

Furthermore, Wookyun Kho, co-founder of MediBloc, commented that “Starting with Humanscape, we will continue to encourage third parties in the healthcare field to join MediBloc ecosystem. The collaboration with Humanscape will strengthen our competitiveness and ultimately become the exemplary case in medical data ecosystem.”

Brought to light by Bernd Lapp’s joining of Humanscape team, the first and second presale of Humanscape tokens have sold out early on the first day of the sales, and the third presale is on July 31st.

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Our mission is to cure incurable diseases, by curating personal health data.


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Our mission is to cure incurable diseases, by curating personal health data.

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