Jun 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello HUMs! It’s the Humanscape Team.

A lot of people were wondering what and why the duration of the lockup period of the Humanscape Team was set to 4 years. Today we’ll be taking the time to answer these questions.


What’s a lockup?

It’s a set period of time for the ICO team where during that duration they are unable to trade their tokens.

Without a lockup, a team with a large portion of tokens could potentially impact the market price by putting all of the team tokens on the market, even if the project had not matured. There is a potential possibility for the team to lose focus and dispose all team tokens without a lockup. Therefore, when participating in ICO, it is important to check the project’s white paper and team composition. Lockups are voluntarily made internal decision by the team without outside regulations. They average from six months to a year or two. Compared to other projects, the four-year lockup of the Humanscape Team is considerably longer than that of any other ICO Team.

Then why did the Humanscape Team decide on a 4 year lockup?

The Humanscape Team believes that there needs to be enough time for the blockchain ecosystem to completely mature and for us to complete the blockchain-based patient network for patients. Ultimately, the four year lockup period was deemed appropriate.

The Humanscape Team will continue the project no matter how long it takes to complete the service and to make reality the value that we see in creating such a service.

Please watch together Humanscape develop and mature through business experience in the healthcare field to actualize the dream of a healthy world.

Thank you.


Our mission is to cure incurable diseases, by curating personal health data.


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Our mission is to cure incurable diseases, by curating personal health data.

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