Sep 28, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello HUMs!

We are very happy to announce our first exchange listing of HUM to all of you today!

HUM’s very first exchange listing is -

✨KRW deposit 👌!
✨4th biggest trading volume in Korea!
✨World’s 2nd blockchain patent holder!
✨Where ‘Vitalik buterin’ is technical advisor for!

🔥 CPDAX 🔥 (

CPDAX is a brandnew cryptocurrency exchange by Coinplug, based on years of Blockchain technology experience and operating know-how.

Coinplug is the first block chain technology company to attract investment from Silicon Valley and venture capital firms in Korea. It holds world-class blockchain research and development resources and is the number one patent holder domestically and second largest patent holder globally. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of ethereum, currently sits as the technical advisor at Coinplug.

With CPDAX, where offers a differentiated and highly secured platform through crypto algorithms and various security systems, you can now safely trade HUM!

✔️ HUM deposit available from : Oct 2nd 2018 06:00 UTC+
✔️ HUM will be listed on : Oct 4th 2018 02:00 UTC+
✔️ Lock up on tokens are now released
(Pre-sale bonus : Will be distributed after 3months of lock up from Sep 21st, 2018)

Thank you!

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Our mission is to cure incurable diseases, by curating personal health data.

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