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May 15, 2017 · 3 min read

building a more diverse workforce for the future

When the internet technology as we know it today, first started picking up momentum in the tech industry in early 90's, not many realized the wide-ranging impact it would have on mankind. When the mobile technologies started becoming popular in the tech industry in 80's, very few realized the massive disruption and transformation it would drive in how we all communicate. We are now poised at a point where Artificial Intelligence(AI) is becoming that next big wave that originates within the tech world but will have a massive impact on all of us.

Artificial intelligence(AI) is going to change life, as we know it today. AI will be as pervasive as the Internet and Mobile Technologies. AI’s influence is not going to be restricted to just people in tech roles like computer scientists or software engineers or network technicians. It is going to change how nurses, pilots, physical therapists, small business owners, investment bankers and farmers all do their jobs. Just as the mobile and internet technologies, which were inventions that originated in the computer world, but impacted the masses, there will be wide ranging impact driven by AI. No matter what your job is today, it is going to look significantly different or slightly different in the future , depending on the kind of the job; and it will be due to underlying AI technologies.

So, we have an opportunity in front of us. The workforce of the future needs to be AI-savvy and we now have a very unique opportunity to make this future workforce as diverse as the real world.

And in reality, for AI to reach its true potential, we need deep domain experts driving the future AI products for their domain. Today its mostly software product managers and computer scientists interviewing the domain experts and then building out AI software for them. However, only a lawyer can define what parts of her job can be automated by AI. And only a nurse can define what parts of his job can be automated by AI. But to do that, we need skillsets that bridge the gap between domain experts and AI -we need nurses and lawyers who understand AI enough to be able to define these future AI products which help them in their jobs in a constructive manner.

Humans for AI aims to build the diverse workforce of the future leveraging the existing AI technologies.

Our approach is four-fold:

Broaden the pipeline of minorities currently in tech careers, seeking to move to careers in AI by being the go to destination for all things AI because we believe that diversity of thought and opinion ultimately builds better products.

Open and inclusive community of people interested in AI by facilitating interactions with experts, practitioners and thought leaders in the field.

Leverage AI to release a set of free products built by this community to further our mission of bringing diversity to AI.

Demystify AI by providing a basic understanding of the concepts, thinking and events in AI for novices and non-technical people interested in how AI will impact their lives and their jobs.

Join us as we are on a mission to build a more diverse workforce for the future.

Humans For AI is a non-profit focused on building a more diverse workforce for the future leveraging AI technologies. Learn more about us and join us as we embark on this journey to make a difference!


We demystify AI and discuss the various buzzwords with examples from your daily life and give you a glimpse in this fascinating world

    Humans For AI

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    We demystify AI and discuss the various buzzwords with examples from your daily life and give you a glimpse in this fascinating world

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