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How To Be A Superhero In The COVID-19 Era

The pandemic times are disastrous. Many are sick in US and outside, thousands are dying, emergency services, hospitals, and personnel are overwhelmed. Businesses closing, those affected lose hope and struggle to live normal lives, supplies running out, people are scared.

But you can help. You can help even if you are not a superhero in a white coat or a wealthy home sitter with a garage packed with provisions. You can share your time, attention and a bit of supplies or money to make your country’s life easier during extreme days of the novel coronavirus disease outbreak. What are the options:

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Volunteer for non-profit organizations.

Local communities need hands to sort food and necessities, to pack it all, and to deliver packages to those vulnerable to COVID-19, people affected by financial instability and to gig economy workers who lack health insurance coverage.

Support small and medium businesses.

Some places can’t just stay open due to imposed restrictions, but for most affected it’s a matter of money as they ran out of clients. Buy online, renew subscriptions, make donations, purchase tickets for events you won’t see to keep alive the places and services you love and use every day. They will remember it.

Find means to supply hospitals.

Short-staffed and overwhelmed they need your attention badly. If a paid donation is not an option, check your house for available medical supplies — face masks, latex gloves, and isolation gowns are priceless these days.

Give blood.

Donor centers implemented new measures to ensure the safety of staff, but if you feel healthy and capable of donation, your blood can always save someone’s life.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Reach out to your elderly neighbors.

Their movement is almost prohibited due to COVID-19 complications. Ok then, you can deliver medications and groceries instead.

We, humans, can outlive the pandemic only together. Stay safe, make health checks and do a good thing.

A couple of links to help people struggling amid the novel coronavirus disease in NYC:




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