Survey: Almost 30% of users would like to receive part of salary in cryptocurrency
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3 min readDec 6, 2018


A Humans.Net poll, investigating people’s attitude towards cryptocurrencies, revealed

Blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies go together like a CPU and motherboard, but whether people in general understand this is another question. At we are implementing blockchain but without creating a new currency. Both these points compelled us to carry out a survey to gain a sense about our user’s understanding and knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

The survey, conducted in November 2018, led to reponses from 1110 people, most of whom are freelancers in the U.S. The results show that people are positive about cryptocurrencies and a substantial number are willing to

Crypto Widespread

75% of participants have heard about cryptocurrencies, while about one fourth of respondents have no knowledge and are not familiar with the subject.

Over 10% said that they used crypto as their main safe, that is a place in which they could safely hold large amounts of money. 55% claimed they had used cryptocurrencies only once or twice which is relatively high for what is a new and emerging market.

Crypto Purpose

We also asked why people actually use cryptocurrency. 29% of respondents said that they use crypto as a deposit. Interestingly and perhaps a little surprising 27% said they receive salaries in crypto or use it for money transfers. For 39%, digital currencies are an investing tool and only 7% use them as a payment method.

Crypto Salaries

Over a half of respondents stated that their employers should embrace the technological changes when paying salaries, to make it payments faster and smoother.

Almost one-fifth of participants would like to receive their full salary in crypto, while 11% would agree to accept only a part of their remuneration in the digital currency. 4% of respondents have also received crypto-salaries at least once..

Crypto Advantages

Tech-savvy people can name lots of crypto advantages: fair play, real P2P payments, security, overcoming lack of trust and so on. But when it comes to regular users, the advantages may not be as evident. Here is how users voted.

Clearly, easy international payments (13%), lack of middlemen (12%) and security (11%) are compelling benefits for those familiar with cryptocurrencies. A further 11% said that all the benefits listed above were Important. 4% of respondents said none of these benefits were an important advantage.

Crypto Future

Taking into account a similar study by Lendedu in September 2017, the number of cryptocurrency owners has almost increased threefold in a year: 14% in 2017 compared to 38% in the recent poll.
This is a fairly dramatic increase, well over 50%, but that said we have to point out that, in both cases, the results reflect the knowledge and understanding of specific pool of respondents when compared to the general population.

However, tech-aware people are likely to drive early adoption and as such the use of crypto will become more widespread. Inevitably, over time more people will be willing to accept the digital currency as a method of remuneration.

Today, however, the current bear market and the generally high volatility of cryptocurrencies still form a significant barrier for widespread adoption among those with conservative tendencies, both individuals and organisations.



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