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5 PR Trends Worth Following in 2023

The Future of Public Relations is Centered on Quality

1. PR professionals will only get somewhere with mass pitching media outlets for client features.

For years Publicists have sent their clients’ news and press releases to every media outlet that would be interested in hopes of getting a response after the third follow-up email.

This approach has proven “off-putting” to journalists and often leads to misaligned connections that don’t target desired audiences.

Niche communication will be the focus for 2023, a trend all media professionals can respect.

2. Face-to-face and In-Person Communication is back.

Journalists and media companies will be conducting in-person interviews as often as possible.

This trend will be highlighted for in-depth features, as face-to-face interactions are more captivating for the audience.

Zoom interviews are not disappearing; however, it is essential to have a media-trained spokesperson available for in-person requests — diversity and inclusion matter.

3. Lack of Diversity and Inclusion will Tank Your Image.

Including short-sided corporate diversity and inclusion training will do little to change the culture of any business.

Brands that want to keep and attract Millennials and Gen Z will have to prove they celebrate diversity from the C level down.

Millennials and Gen Z now make up more than 60% of B2B buyers; they research brands before they become loyal repeat consumers.

Ensure your online and community presence shows that your diversity and inclusion statements hold up and that these principles are the source of celebration.

4. Readers crave authenticity after being bombarded with “fake news .”

Authentic marketing was huge in 2020 on social media. With the rise of fake news and propaganda campaigns, consumers are increasingly skeptical, making reaching the people who will benefit from your brand much more challenging.

Although raw emotion and expression are interesting, oversharing will not increase quality traffic.

Fact-check your content and be prepared to stand by any statements you make about your company, team, and contributions.

5. Owned media will become the queen bee for brands to build visibility.

Earned media is a gift and should not be the core of any PR strategy. The public relations mantra for 2023 is “owned media is the best media.”

What would be considered owned media? There are many, but the easiest owned media outlets to control are:

blog articles

branded podcast


social media posts on a brand’s channels

A Year of True Connection

Reaching the company’s target audience in a way that feels natural begins with a strategy that includes a fully controlled brand messaging outlet.

This practice allows the mission and values of the brand to be in its arena without being at the whim of mass media interpretation.

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