Humble Hikes
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Humble Hikes

Interstate Intervention At Mile Marker 226

A shoulder to lean on as the world flew by at 90 MPH

Now who’s on my ass? Someone else riding my bumper on the morning freeway. They just keep coming. I’m over the speed limit. Am I in the right lane, wrong lane, right road? OK, I’ll speed up. Too fast. I’m freaking out. And I was already frazzled by the batshit crazy day I know is ahead of me. Damn. Doing…



Stories about places that teach us stuff. Sometimes we seek them out. Sometimes they yank us in. Humble hikes help us see our lives in fun, fresh ways. Or they slap us upside the head about stuff we’re not getting. The more unexpected the hike, the more powerful the learnings.

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John Nielson

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