Announcing The humble Fall Class of 2016

11 Innovative Digital Health, Cyber and Consumer Startups

By Harry Alford

We are pleased to announce 11 startups for the inaugural class for humble impact. humble impact is a nonprofit that serves as the platform for sustainable and scalable businesses by cultivating an authentic atmosphere for discovery, growth, and innovation. We know that the best way to realize opportunity is through cooperation.

Our inaugural class is split into two groups:

Start Humble: Start Humble is focused on responsibly maneuvering to product/market fit through identifying risks, early adopters, sales & investment strategies. One-week in-resident ‘stabilization’ and 11-week virtual facilitation starts by examining the business model, traction model, use of proceeds, addressable markets, go-to-market strategy and team. We conclude with a 1-week in-resident preparation for Demo Day.

Grow Humble: Grow Humble is focused on helping you mature your business after proving that you HAVE a business, whether you’re post accelerator exit or post seed / Series A. Grow Humble companies come in all shapes and sizes. We plug into your team to augment your efforts and bring focus to activities that will measurably grow your business. Each company’s 6-month program is custom to their needs and maturity.

Check out the badass list of startups below:

MoVi Interactive — MoVi Interactive is a mission-driven company dedicated to leveraging the power of games to generate positive health outcomes.

ataata — Through interactive security awareness videos via a data-driven web and mobile platform, ataata reduce risks, time and costs associated with security breaches that result from human error.

SCOUT — The most comprehensive military discount app. SCOUT features deep discounts and totally free rewards to America’s Service men and women.

CareSet — CareSet decodes Medicare claims data to guide new drug launches. Using the largest single cohort of patients available, CareSet groups Medicare claims into patient journeys by disease.

Printocracy — Printocracy enables the 3D printing & rapid manufacturing ecosystems to grow their businesses with scalable quoting-enabled software solutions.

Sen Sound — Sen Sound is a social enterprise that believes holistic, restful sound experiences in clinical environments is key to improving patient outcomes.

Dark Cubed — The Dark Cubed Cyber Security Platform delivers enterprise-grade capability without impossible investment or armies of analysts.

DNSFilter — Prevent attacks before they happen and block inappropriate content, malware or pornography using DNSFilter’s cloud-delivered web filtering service.

PermitZone — PermitZone keeps up with permitting requirements so builders can stay focused on customers and moving projects forward.

True Made Foods — True Made Foods is making American food nutritious again. They use fresh vegetables to naturally sweeten their products and drastically cut back on added sugar, providing you with a tasty healthy alternative.

Gastro Girl — Gastro Girl supports GI patient in between office visits by connecting them to providers with the digestive health and nutrition expertise they need to feel better.

upace — upace is the leading mobile platform to stay engaged and motivated by your recreation center. The customized technology allows any recreation center to control the mobile platform and directly communicate with their members.