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How To Know If Your Company Invests In Diversity

And Why Diversity Is An Innovation Strategy

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  • Portfolio of work, investments, data, and hiring is evidence of a monoculture.
  • The work environment is toxic.
  • Hire people of color into a role that structurally cannot be successful.
  • She has to rationalize to her boss what the value is of the time spent working on specific projects like an affinity group, for example.
  • They bring her in because it helps their diversity numbers.
  • Don’t give her any resources.
  • No support.
  • No one is advocating for her internally.
  • No one’s inviting her to meetings or looping her into decisions.
  • No one includes her on internal hiring decisions.
  • She’s isolated.
  • She feels left out of things.
  • No one’s supportive of her professionally.
  • The job feels like a losing battle without career-enhancing advantages.
  • 2x more likely to meet or exceed financial targets
  • 3x as likely to be high-performing
  • 6x more likely to be innovative and agile
  • 8x more likely to achieve better business outcomes



Stories and lessons about startups, innovation, diverse founders and those building solutions for diverse audiences.

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